Snow My God

Tabsclusive: It’s been snowing.

Not only has Oxford seen a swathe of snow, but it’s about to get military.

Word on the street (i.e. Facebook) is that a Uni-wide snowball fight is being planned for the Rad Cam at 1930 tonight.

You can find the event here.

Of course The Tab, as always, condemns such potentially dangerous antics and we suggest you stay in the warm and enjoy this selection of snowy snaps instead.

Disclaimer: Photos are accompanied by dreadful puns

Ready Teddy Snow – the Teddy Hall quad

A tree-mendous view of the city

Early closure of the Bod today leaves students snow excuse not to get involved

Christ Church Meadow became Christ Church Mea-snow

St. Giles has gone snowmen-tal

Oh deer, trouble at Magdalen

Oarsome shot of the river this morning

This chap, outside the Radcliffe Observatory, is certainly ahead of the game

High Street looking more like Ice Street

Pity the poor Univ student who took this from the library – not an ice position to be in

Even St. Catz has seen its aesthetic improved by a whitewashing

An in-spire-ing snap of Magdalen Bridge

Visitors to John’s receive an icy reception

Just chillin’ in Catz