Battling Frostration

5 ways to deal with cancellations in a cold snap.

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Oxford’s sportsmen and women have been left twiddling their thumbs this week due to frozen pitches. We investigated how to best spend your time when bad weather makes play impossible.


Watch sports movies

These films will inspire you so much that by the time you next play you’ll be ready to triumph over adversity, be the best that you can be and give it all you’ve got, each and every week.

The Tab recommends Rocky I-IV and Soccer Dog as perfect motivational viewing.

Take up an indoor sport

Not every sport is at danger of being called off at the first sign of snow; the world of pub sports is always safe from the weather. Oxford has thriving darts and pool leagues and you can even enjoy a refreshing pint whilst you play.

The treble 20 is a rare sight in Oxford darts.

Simulate your sport

For those of you who can’t face leaving the house dust off your copy of FIFA 13, Rugby 08, or International Hockey Assistant Coach 1996. The ideal place to work out tactics for when the ice thaws.

The only thing better than being a footballer is pretending to manage a digital team of them.


Take the weather enforced break as an opportunity to learn as much trivia as possible. Once the action kicks off again you can dazzle your teammates with knowledge of Zambian Rugby League squads 1967-1984.

Don’t forget the pub quiz machine for affirming the fact that useless sports knowledge has some value.

Bet you can’t get the missing name…

Extra training

It’s not then popular choice but maybe the most sensible one, take in an extra gym session or a run and be in peak fitness come game time. Alternatively, have a free-kick competition like the boys at OUAFC.