Fight for your Right

Corpus JCR consider equalities representative for under-fire college Conservatives.

Messrs Cameron and Osborne would be proud.

Undergrads at Corpus Christi this week proposed a motion to introduce a Tory rep on their JCR’s Equal Opportunities Committee.

Students are concerned those on the Right aren’t having their (no-doubt distinguished) voices heard.

The motion, proposed by Samuel Roberts, said: “Within this JCR, people who are politically to the right are often actively isolated, personally attacked, and made to feel unwelcome.

“We have an equal opportunities committee with individuals on it to represent minorities in this JCR who are often perceived as being subject to prejudice from society.”

The proposal aimed “to represent the conservative minority in the JCR on the Equal Ops Committee and to charge this committee member with ensuring that conservative views and opinions are free to be aired in the JCR.”

However, after complaints from the Opposition front benches, the motion was amended “to mandate the Equal Opportunities President to ensure that people do not discriminate or name-call on the basis of political ideology in the JCR.”

30 JCR Members voted for the amended motion, with 24 voting against.

The Corpus Equal Opportunities Committee has representatives for Black and Minority Ethnic students, LGBT students and those with disabilities.