Blues Dominate: Lacrosse Match Report

The Oxford Lacrosse Team continue their good form and look likely league winners already

Blues Lacrosse

On the back of two big wins, the Blues jumped on the bus down to Bristol for what could be a title decider, even at this early stage.

The game was on astro turf, keeping the pace high and punishing handling errors unforgivingly.

Going 2-1 down in the first quarter, things didn’t look great; but with a goal from captain Matt Beresford and a brace from Ethan Guavin in the second, combined with a strong performance at the back, Oxford went into the second half with a 4-3 lead.

Getting into their stride in the 3rd quarter, the Blues scored 4 with only 2 from Bristol and held out to the end to win 9-6 with a goal each in the 4th quarter from both teams.

Conservative play in the closing stages from Oxford saw them opting to secure the win rather than bring it home in style.

Were it not for  the combined efforts of the posts and a huge performance from the Bristol goalie, the Dark Blues could have easily made another 5.

A solid defence was also crucial to the win. A big performance from keeper John Wilde, combined with crucial turnovers and solid handling from Chris Needham, helped to keep Bristol at bay.

This important away win has left Oxford sitting comfortably top of the league.

With another pivotal game against Exeter University at home next week (whom they narrowly beat 10-7 in 1st week) and after big wins over Maidstone and Warwick earlier in the season it is looking like Oxford are favourites to take the league title.