university of nottingham

UoN now has 1500 active cases of Covid-19

This means one in 23 students have tested positive

Here are some of the most jokes JCR election campaigns

Ngl, some of them are pretty decent

Derby Army: Week One Hustings

Derby Hall has kicked off Week One Hustings to a great start. Our side-burned Derby fresher, Elliot Johnson, tells us what happened outside the infamous Matlock Block.

The Ten Worst People To Have In An Exam

Many of you will have already finished, but spare a thought for the unlucky souls who are still doing exams….

Tab Tries: rugby social

Our resident weedy boy manages to sneak his way into a Rugby social (somehow, we aren’t sure). Find out how he got on…

Ed’s sexy brother comes to Coates!

David Miliband took questions today in the Coates auditorium but how much does he know about us?

Drug Lord Seizes Control of Nottingham University

Don’t panic – it’s only Sir Andrew Witty, Nottingham’s new Chancellor

Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra

World-class orchestra here in Nottingham. Tim Jones checks out the Dresden Philharmonic.

Rate my Road: Albert VS Douglas

Get to know your neighbours. Who is the sexier pair?