I hate Rutland: It’s the worst county in the UK

And you thought the halls were bad

I went for a date by myself on Valentine’s Day and it was terrible

Everyone laughed at me

Royal lothario Harry in Nottingham for the night

Everyone’s favourite ginger is in town

I don’t care if you sleep with my ex and you shouldn’t either

You have every reason to sleep with your mate’s old flame

Loveless local humiliated on Take Me Out is bombarded with dates – including the girl who rejected him

He makes film posters with his face on

‘Feminism is a badge of shame’: Anti-feminist party to stand at General Election

Their candidate has suffered domestic abuse

BoJo blasts Balls for looking like he’s having a prostate exam

He drank pints in Nottingham

Here’s what happened at the first Tab Fashion Show

You should be jealous if you missed it.

Please stop posting photos of your dissertation

This isn’t OK. You are terrible people