These are easily the best Instagram spots in Nottingham

The 101 guide on how to actually get likes and accordingly, save your self esteem

Nottingham Trent students arrested over racist halls chant released, but banned from campus

As it stands, the pair aren’t allowed back in halls

Racist Nottingham Trent halls chants: Everything we know so far

The investigation is still ongoing

These are the things girls who play football want you to stop saying

Yes, I can kick a ball and I am female.

The Cripps health centre is stopping free sexual health services and you should be worried

There will be regrets ending the free sexual health service in about 9 months’ time.

A Nottingham halls committee paid a Gordon Ramsay impersonator to swear at people for two and a half hours

He looks pretty legit tbh

It’s official, Anya McLoughlin is Nottingham’s most eligible bachelorette

Win win winning

We found out which clubs in Nottingham are open tonight, if you really fancy braving the snow

Would rather be at La Folie though

After these Notts students got stranded at a bowling alley with a 4.8x Uber surge, they decided to take a two mile trek home in the snow

One does not simply walk into Lenton

Two students made a website which calculates how much you deserve in compensation for the strikes

It sends a custom email to your SU officer’s email

These Nottingham third years built an igloo with a beer fridge in their garden

It took them seven hours and six people

Nottingham Uni raked in a whopping £66k from overdue library books last year

Books overdue? Looks like you’re going to be overdrawn

A definitive list of the reasons why everyone should admit pres are better than clubbing

When you finish the night looking like a Salem witch survivor it’s only your nearest and dearest who see

Five-star hotels and pornstar martinis: The maddest things Vice-Chancellors claimed on expenses

VCs and their colleagues claimed almost £8m in the last two years

Nando’s is adding halloumi fries to the menu (finally)

Nando’s just made 2018 better

Nottingham’s Most Eligible Bachelorette 2018: Round Three

Ice ice baby

The transparent new Instagram trend that is outing all the posers, one post at a time: The funstagram

If you’re still fresh enough for a photo, you weren’t really enjoying yourself

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