All the stereotypes you’ll encounter at a Lenton house party

You are undoubtedly one of these

Uni of Nottingham pledges to remove all investments from fossil fuels

Go green or have no home

Beeston resident found dead in Broadgate Park accommodation

He was pronounced dead at the scene

Every place to cry and panic this exam season in Nottingham

We’re all in this together x

Unpopular opinion: Crisis is overrated and Tuned is actually a better night out

Cheaper drinks, cheaper entry, free jäger bomb and later entry. Do I need to continue?

We’re now officially taking nominations for Nottingham’s smallest box room

Not all heroes wear capes

The huge screen outside Portland cost the uni £200,000

It’s part of over £2 million they spent on the Portland Hill works

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Promise we won’t send you dick pics x

A tribute to the best vine ever made: “Guys Bein’ Dudes”

It is, by all means, a classic.

How to hide your Notts personality now you’re back at home

Apparently it’s not cool to bleed Green and Gold in Surrey…

It’s official: Cripps is the poshest hall on campus

Right behind Cav and HuStu

It’s official, Iggy Omoregbee is Nottingham’s most eligible bachelor

All I do is win win win no matter what

University of Nottingham and Trent to merge into one institution: ‘University College Nottinghamshire’

The merge will set into effect in September 2018

Notts University professor criticised for comparing transgender people to Frankenstein

She argued that male pregnancy infringes on ‘nature’s flourishing’

Nottingham’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2018 final

They just can’t wait to be king

These are the conclusive things that piss everyone off about lectures

The bane of student life…

Every single toilet you need to visit on campus before you graduate

The best places to poo, pee and procrastinate

Nottingham’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Round Three

It’s still raining men

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