Nottingham Boozenight episode two

You say the dumbest things

SU Presidents reveal their drunken stories and BNOC levels under pressure

They want you vote and you want to laugh

Tab TV: SU Presidents Question Time Part 1

‘I’m not one for things inserted into the anus’

Tab TV: Boozenight at Crisis

University is all about broadening your horizons. And getting wasted. 

This fella sinks a pint in 3.4 seconds, can you do any better?

We’re searching for Britain’s fastest bolt. Send us your videos and we’ll crown a winner!

Video: Student Faces Painful FIFA Forfeit (Warning: Explicit Content)

Is this the worst forfeit ever? An unlucky fresher staples his balls after losing a game of Fifa

Is this the worst video ever made?

Loughborough SU’s cringe inducing sing-a-long is worse than words can describe. Watch it!

VIDEO: Watch this wasted student who’s too drunk to keep hold of his pizza

Is this the best food review ever? Smashed student takes on gravity in war for post night-out pizza.

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we should know?

We want to look into your case


Tab TV: UoN’s Deaf Security

You can say anything to these guys…

TAB TV Vs CNN: The All-Nighter

Who the fuck is George Osborne?!

Tab TV: Beauty On A Budget

Look good for less…

Drama at IMS playoffs

Last-minute winners, overhead kicks and red cards at the ‘Malaysia Playoffs’

TAB TV: Carpe Noctum News

Tab correspondent Matt Madden quizes the Hefners and Play Bunnies on last week’s news…

TAB TV: Pints of View

ELECTION SPECIAL: UoN’s finest give their views on current affairs.

TAB TV: Varsity Darts

VIDEO: nudity, flying furniture and aggression as darts varsity gets very rowdy.