A sweet tooth’s guide to Lenton

What else is your maintenance loan for anyway?

Dear second years, we know the first month back at uni might have been tough. With the majority of students having spent first year in catered halls, second year is the cause of even more shock for many of you, because you suddenly have a new aspect of adult life that you actually have to do now – cooking in your second year house (most likely tiny) kitchen.

So if you’ve been traumatised by your own inability as a 19/20 year old to cook chicken properly, we’ve collated a list of consolation prizes – the finest dessert places Lenton has to offer if you need a palette cleanser after your disastrous first course.

Choco Bae – 53-55 Lenton Boulevard

Located just a five minute walk away from the Lenton triangle, this cosy cafe is open 5pm-11pm every day excluding Tuesdays, and the menu includes an extensive selection of waffles, pancakes, cookie dough – even baklava. The evening opening hours are perfect for any Lenton residents craving a sugary respite from late-night studying sessions or on the way home from the Castle Marina Puregym –  it’s even available to order on Uber Eats and Deliveroo if you really can’t face the journey. If for some reason you’re reading “a sweet tooth’s guide to Lenton” and you don’t have a sweet tooth, the menu has savoury items as well.

Love Desserts – 205 Ilkeston Road

If you’ve just braved the perilous journey to the Lidl on Midland Way (or the Domino’s next door) and want to reward yourself with a healthy dose of sugar rush for the way home, Love Desserts may be for you. Its bright white sign can’t be missed, nor can the giant teddy bear that sits inside. Love Desserts’ menu boasts a huge variety of waffles, £4.50 for one, with extra toppings an additional 50p – and any four items on the menu for just £20. They also serve milkshakes, milk cakes, fruit boxes and volcano ice cream and again, can be ordered via Just Eat, Uber Eats and Delivero from 5pm til late.

Dessert Lane – 32 Lenton Boulevard

Dessert Lane offers the widest variety of forms of waffle I think I’ve ever seen – including waffle bites and black waffles. They also make brookies (cookie dough-topped brownies), doughnuts, and sundaes. It’s open 6pm-12am Sunday-Thursday and 6pm-2am Fridays and Saturdays, because obviously it’s better to end up in a sugar-induced food coma than an alcoholic one post-night out. They do also have a terrace outside – and it’s painted purple! What else could you want? Dessert Lane is available to order through their website, Just Eat or Uber Eats.

Heavenly Desserts – 6 Angel Row

If you’re really looking to treat yourself – maybe because you actually made it to your 9am in Monica Partridge this morning when you live in the far end of Lenton, or maybe you actually had something other than pesto pasta for dinner – Heavenly Desserts is the dessert restaurant for you. Open from 12pm-11pm seven days a week, this artisan desserts franchise has a branch just in the city centre, so it’s not quite in Lenton, but it is definitely worth the mention as their menu is just so good. They’re available on Deliveroo and even have a rewards app so you can get discounted delicacies the more you visit.

Toast – 202 Derby Road

If you want to support a small business in the Lenton area guaranteed to get your day off to the right start, definitely head to Toast. While it’s not strictly a dessert restaurant, they do have an amazing selection of sweet stuff in their patisserie and breakfast menu. Toast is open from 8am-3pm on weekdays, with slightly shorter hours on weekends.

Jo’s Pancake House – 149 Ilkeston Road

For all of my fellow pancake lovers, on the north side of the Lenton triangle, Jo’s Pancake House is a maple syrup-filled haven well known amongst Nottingham locals and students alike. They serve both sweet American style pancakes and crepes, plus waffles, savoury crepes and all day breakfasts. It is without a doubt the best post night-out breakfast option – yes, even over Spoons.

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