Your mate from another uni is visiting for the weekend, here’s what to do with them

Alexa, play ‘Welcome to Notts’

So, your mate has just sent you the text that they’re finally coming up to Notts after months of talking about it. However, after massively hyping up Notts’ nightlife being above all other uni’s, you’re starting to feel the pressure of making sure it lives up to its reputation.

Well, rest assured because we have made a bucket list for all the places you must visit. The end goal is for your mate to leave Ocean with a pic of Andy the Hoe and get kicked out of Crisis after having one too many and face-planting the floor x


“Fancy a pint at Sheaves?”

Ah, The Three Wheatsheaves, perfect for every occasion. Just finished spending eight hours studying in the library? Sheaves. Bored on a Monday afternoon? Sheaves. Your mate has literally just got off their three-hour train journey? You’ve guessed it, Sheaves. Located on the infamous Derby Road, this pub is like home for the Lenton locals. Whilst your mate might think it’s just another pub, it’s the perfect way to introduce them to Notts’ student culture.


Yes, that’s right. Lloyd’s No.1 is one of the only spoons you’ll go to that actually plays music. It may just seem like another Wetherspoons, but with its location being right on Lace Market, it is the perfect place to down a load of cheap pints before heading to the club. If you get your mate a bit too drunk before the night has even started, order them some halloumi fries to soak up all the booze. Although, good luck trying to find a seat – on any day of the week.

“I’m broke, can we pre at Spoons tonight?”


“Want to get some cute insta photos and get absolutely smashed?”

A super cute location that plays vibey music and actually makes strong cocktails. A personal favourite of mine is the Grasshopper, it tastes like Aero mint chocolate but gets you absolutely hammered. Not to mention they have three floors and sofas as seats – you could even go for a nap there if you and your mate have had a few too many. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of their happy hour which ends at 10pm!


“Let’s go dance on some benches”

A place where you actually dance on the benches? That’s Bierkeller. Your mate defo wouldn’t have experienced this at their uni, so make sure to show it off to them. You’ve not had the full Notts experience until you’ve downed a Stein and fallen flat on the ground after being told not to stand on the actual table by the security guards.


“Look, it’s Andy the Hoe!!!”

Fancy taking a dive in Ocean? It’s an absolute must-have club to drag your mates to. Make sure to plan a themed costume before heading out, like going as fairies, lifeguards or cowboys. You won’t fit in if you just go in your standard clubbing outfits. P.S. if you go into this club sober, good luck, you need to be off your rocker to cope with the number of people who are going to see you dressed as a banana. If you’re lucky enough, you might meet the King of Ocean, Andy the Hoe.


“Did somebody just throw a VK at my head?”

So, you’ve just about made it into the club, what next? Get yourself into BCL (Black Cherry Longe) and if your friend has had a few too many double voddy’s, it’s best to sober them up with some of Notts’ finest tap water, followed by some tropical VK’s at the bar. After waiting in the queue for about 20 minutes, head over to the main room and push yourself through the VERY sweaty crowd. Now, it’s time to show off your dance moves to your mate as… oh, a remix of Adele’s “Easy on Me” comes on. They do play some interesting remixes sometimes but it’s all the more to laugh about.


“I need a coffee and a debrief”

After a very chaotic weekend, you want to treat your mate to a nice brunch (and more importantly, have a debrief of what the hell happened last night). Avocafe is the perfect spot for coffee in Lenton, perfectly placed on Derby Road, an easy short walk if you live in the Lenton triangle.

After you’ve unsettled your stomach even more with brunch, it’s time to send your mate on the train home and wish them luck as they attempt a three-hour hungover journey after having the wildest weekend in Notts. I think it’s safe to say Notts will have lived up to its expectations.

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