Parked van blocks tram line causing traffic pile up in city centre

Two trams were stuck behind the van

A van driver has caused delays between the Lace Market and Old Market Square tram stop  after leaving his vehicle parked on the tram line. 

Two trams bound for Hucknall came to a standstill on Victoria Street after the van was left unattended with flashing hazard lights for about 20 minutes. 

Sitting outside of jewellery store Goldsmiths on double yellows, it had partially blocked the tram line meaning that trams and cars alike could not move past.


Two police officers were present at the scene trying to establish where the driver had gone.

After the 20 minute period, the driver returned to his vehicle where he was spoken to by police officers. He quickly pulled away, releasing the two trams and allowing them to resume normal service.

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