Here’s everything you’ll find on a Notts student’s dating profile

‘Went to private school but I’m not a tory haha’

Everyone downloads Tinder or Hinge at some point during their time at university, it’s just part of the student experience. Whether you’re there for a long time or a good time, you’re guaranteed to come across people in your seminars, in your halls, friends of friends, even people you’ve already pulled.

Whatever it is you’re after and whoever it is you match with, here’s a list of all the types of Notts students you’ll find on dating apps.

A photo in halls

Every uni student’s dating profile will probably have a photo of them in their student accom – whether it’s a group pic in a communal area or a selfie in their room, top tip: you can tell what hall it is based on the colour of their curtains. Red flag if they’re living in squalor/you can see they haven’t taken their bins out.

A Crisis pic

Probably holding a VK or a mirror selfie in those gorg Rock City toilets, you’re guaranteed to see some Crisis photos in your swiping endeavours. Bonus points for every rugby lad you see wearing a shit shirt or dressed as babies x

Image may contain: Coffee Cup, Party, Bowl, Smile, Portrait, Face, Tuxedo, Suit, Overcoat, Coat, Clothing, Cup, Person, People, Human

Wollaton Park

Advertising the finest of Nottingham’s first date locations, you’ll probs find a lot of people with photos at Wollaton, probably with a deer or two as well. Realistically you will only go to Wollaton about twice during your time in Nottingham because its so far away, so its important you capture the experience so people think you like the outdoors.

Player layer

I can guarantee that about 70% of all Uni of men on Tinder will have a photo of them in that fetching green shirt. If you see a lad wearing one of these in his profile, run. Bonus points if he has his height in his bio.

you know you are at a tory uni when they have to clarify

Edgy vintage kilo sale

If what you’re looking for on Tinder is to find love with a cute indie music lover, your best bet is looking for anyone with a fisheye mirror pic among the garmz in any of the White Rose shops. If you’re looking for a smooth opening line, try checking out their recent listens on Spotify. But be warned, if you see any Radiohead, Weezer or The Smiths on there,  swipe left.

Proper bargain that

Candid on the tram

Chances are, you’ll spot a few profiles where your future LOML is sat on the tram on the way into town, at that peak point in the night in between pres and the club where they’ve sobered up from a TC and their hair is pre-VK’s being thrown at it. Possibly something of a catfish moment once you see them post-Rock City on a Friday but shhh.

Classy girls’ night

Guaranteed you’ll find tons of profiles with photos of nights out with the girlies. It might be a candid with their drinks or strategically placed under the Chinese lanterns at Coco Tang. Bonus classy points if they’re wearing anything from PLT or Urban Outfitters.

Pub pic

Whether it’s the Rose and Crown garden, Lloyds, or Sheaves with the lads, you can tell a lot by your potential match’s choice of pub. You can also tell a lot by their drink of choice too: if they’re at Spoons drinking anything other than a Sex on the Beach pitcher, you’re best off swiping left and finding someone with taste.


And last but not least, on any Nottingham student’s dating profile you will definitely spot a photo taken at Halloween that they’re still milking. If it’s a girl’s profile, she was probably dressed as either a cat, Harley Quinn or a fairy – coordinating Powerpuff girls group costumes included – and if it’s a guy’s, he was probably either dressed as a female character because he thought it was hilarious, or he just put fake blood on and called it a day. Either way, the photo was probably taken in the corridor of their halls.

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