All your favourite drag queens you didn’t know were from Notts

The drag queens serving the area’s best looks

In honour of the end of LGBTQ+ History Month, we’ve delved into the best of Nottingham’s drag scene. There are plenty of great queens who you probably didn’t know have graced the area.

From competing in RuPaul’s Drag Race to YouTube channels and drag shows right here in Nottingham, the queer community of Nottingham is vibrant, inclusive and full of talent.

Here are Nottingham’s most well-known drag queens.


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Appearing on season two of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, A’Whora is one of the most well-known and most successful drag queens from Nottinghamshire.

In her Meet The Queens on Drag Race, she explained that her name is both a play on the Spanish version of her boy name (George to Jorge) and a nod to Princess Aurora, who she relates to on the fact that she relies on a man to wake her up and “shove it in”.

Ranking fifth place and eliminated on the eighth episode, she served iconic looks like Dorothy Gale, Vivienne Westwood, a groom into a bride and of course, her hometown look as Robin Hood. With the biggest Instagram following of over 400k, she’s stunning, sassy and all-round iconic.

Favourite quote: “What’s so special about my hometown? Me.”

Tia Kofi

Image via YouTube

Her name a play on “tea or coffee?”, Tia also appeared on season two of Drag Race UK. Now verified on Instagram, the former Uni of Nottingham student is funny, sarcastic and was arguably the narrator of her season. Her confessionals were full of hilarious observations about the other contestants, including A’Whora. She came seventh and went home on the Snatch Game episode.

Favourite quotes: “Did I finish my degree? Not so much, but it was philosophy, that was basically just thinking. I can do that, don’t worry about it.”

Kitty Tray

One of the most well-known queen of Nottingham’s drag scene is Kitty Tray. With her own show at Rescue Rooms that regularly sells out, Kitty Tray definitely knows how to put on a memorable show.

Marilyn Sane

The self-titled “Wicked With of the East Midlands”, Marilyn Sane presented Nottingham Pride in 2017 with her sisterwife Nana Arthole, who she also shares a Youtube channel with.

The Notts-born queen has spent years creating her persona, and can be regularly found at Spanky Van Dykes and the Robin Hood Inn. Now, she and Nana host LGBTQ+ club night Gladrags in Popworld.

Favourite quote: “You look like you’ve had your face set on fire and put it out with a fork.”

Selma Clitz

My personal favourite drag name, Selma Clitz is the self-named Queen of Nottingham. Appearing at Gladrags regularly, she’s a gorgeous, bubbly queen who can be found at places such as the Newmarket and The Robin Hood.

Bella End

Finally, the amazing Miss Bella End. Another one of my favourite names on the list, Bella hails originally from Notts and now hosts the Dreamboys show in Liverpool.

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