What your study space on UoN’s campus says about you

Happy deadline season!

It’s deadline season again. The most wonderful time of the year. It’s time to cry onto keyboards, quit working after five minutes, and be judged by nosey neighbours about what’s on your TikTok FYP. Yes, I am watching a man watch trains. And what about it?

Wherever it is you choose to study, your procrastination place of choice says a lot about you.

Hallward Library

If you’re studying at Hallward, you’re serious about your course because what good reason is there to be there?

Other than the wealth of books the library shelves harbour, Hallward hasn’t got much going for it. It’s musty and eerie and figuring how to get the vintage printers to work is one of the great conundrums of first year.

Don’t forget your library card because you don’t want the librarians and the students behind you to think you aren’t a regular when you get cockblocked by the barriers.

If you thought you were a hot and sweaty mess in Rock City on a Wednesday night, then try studying in Hallward any summer weekday afternoon. You’ll be fine in winter though. Just remember to bring your duvet.

George Green Library

George Green is loud and social. Everything a library shouldn’t be.

If you’re a George Green local, you’ll probably find a table, open your laptop and then just to talk to your mates about what happened at the house party you went to the night before.

It’s a library primarily for the STEM courses at university so make sure you keep your copy of anything romance based firmly hidden in your bag.

Monica Partridge

The elite tier of study spaces. If you come here, you know what’s good.

If you refer to this building as “Monica Partridge” we can tell that you’re a fresher. If you call it “Moni P” then I have no words. If it’s “T&L” to you then I respect the loyalty you have with this study space.

Though its original name is archaic, the aesthetic and sheer number of tables is unmatched.

Djangoly Library

If you study at Djangoly, you do it for the views and the sense of vertigo you get when trying to exit the library after a long, hard day of doing not much at all.

It’s not talked about much, though that may be because its name is so hard to master. If you think you don’t know where I’m talking about – you do.

Have you ever been walking around Jubilee campus and questioned what the strange, birds nest like building is in the distance? That’s Djangoly. It’s also the perfect place to return your library books when you can’t be bothered to walk the sweaty 20 minutes to main campus.


Like Djangoly, the Starbucks on Jubilee campus will most likely have been a second-year discovery for you within the first month of getting your Lenton address.

If you choose to study at Starbucks you feel no guilt watching other productive students leave the gym whilst you’re sat with a slice of cake and a page with a word count of 10. You also have a lot of student loan to waste.

The tables are more sought after than a cheap train ticket home on the last day of term but their sense of familiarity will help to conquer any sense of homesickness you may have during a mid-term “I miss my dog” crisis.

Portland Coffee

You’re a risk taker if you study in Portland Coffee. You prove you live life on the edge the moment you promise your friends you’ll be able to secure a table for a few hours.

With the queues oftentimes spilling out the doors and the majority of tables occupied with awkward first dates and family visits, you’ll be lucky to locate even the most temperamental table in the back corner.  But the food is arguably worth the risk of finding a table.

It’s the perfect place to people watch when the sentence in your Word document just isn’t coming to you and, with any luck, the barista will forget to usher you out as soon as you’ve finished your latte.

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