These are the five best Nottingham inspired Halloween costume ideas

Consider trick-or-treating yourself with one of our outfit ideas!

With Halloween fast approaching this weekend, everyone is in a rush to get that last minute costume sorted. We understand that it’s hard not to stray away from the classics, but if you’re bored of being ghosts, devils, and black cats then we’ve got you covered.

From the infamous geese to some notorious Notts vigilantes, here are some of our best Notts themed costumes to guarantee you an eerie-sistible night of fun.

Which one will you pick?

Nottingham’s resident outlaw, Robin Hood

We had to start out with this one. What could be more appropriate for a Halloween in Nottingham than to dress as our very own outlaw?

Start this costume off with a green staple piece and then add your accessories. Consider a hat and feather, maybe even a brown belt. Just add in a fake bow and arrow and you’re set!

If legendary criminals are your thing, then this is the way to go.

The man, the myth, the legend that is… Ocean

Well, it had to appear somewhere didn’t it.

If you’re a student looking for an easy Notts themed costume, Ocean nightclub could be the way to go. There are several options here: take Ocean as a literal costume and go for an under-the-sea theme?

Or perhaps opt for the club’s Baywatch connections by dressing as a lifeguard. After all, Ocean is a ghoul’s best friend.

Terrorise East Drive by dressing up as a Goose

Just hear us out on this one. Nottingham’s Goose Fair dates back more than 700 years but is cancelled this year due to Covid concerns. What could be a better way to honour the city’s geese connections than to dress as one yourself? UON’s campus is already overrun by feathery friends and as the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them.

Wear all white, find a feather boa or two, stick on a beak and you’ll possibly be Nottingham’s first Halloween Goose; very spooky.

Lover of justice? Why not be Batman for the day?

With the site of Wayne Manor from The Dark Knight Rises: Wollaton Hall, on Nottingham’s doorstep, it would be wrong not to mention its resident superhero. Why not even visit the park to get a few thematic photos in your Halloween fit. If you’re interested in this Notts themed costume, all you have to do is wear all black with a Batman mask, and a cape to complete the look.

Also, if you’re looking for a couples costume this Halloween, Robin could be the perfect sidekick. To the Batmobile! Or maybe just the club.

The dreaded 9am on a Thursday

This is the scariest Notts themed costume on offer and if you’re looking to give fellow students a fright this Halloween then look no further.

That 9am lecture on a Thursday morning is sure to put a chill through the bones of every person you meet, all you need is a large piece of cardboard and a permanent marker. Draw out a calendar and make that 9am commitment look as scary as possible. Maybe even wear Joggers and a hoodie, with paracetamol in the pocket for a really convincing look. We are shaking in our boots just thinking about it.

Halloween costumes are always a nightmare to come up with, so why not give one of our Nottingham themed looks a try! Wishing everyone a very safe and spook-tacular Notts Halloween!

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Image of Robin Hood statue via Unsplash