Feeling brave? Here are the spookiest places in Notts to visit this Halloween

From shadowy apparitions to ghostly footprints, Nottingham is home to no end of ghostly goings-on

Going on a night out for Halloween can be fun. Seeing a drunken werewolf, vampire or pink Power Ranger pirouetting around Market Square certainly has some appeal to it but exploring somewhere haunted and eerie can be a lot of fun, too, and, if done right, more memorable.

Nottingham is home to some of the creepiest places in the UK and most of them are open to visitors. So, if you’re feeling brave, consider a trip to some of these spine-chilling locations this spooky season.

Discover the spooky history of Wollaton Hall

Most of us know Wollaton Hall and Park for the anti-social deer and grandiose landscape but despite this location’s beauty, it also holds quite a bit of darkness.

Behind Wollaton Hall’s lavish walls, a dark history lingers

Lady Jane Middleton, a former resident at Wollaton Hall, is said to have been paralysed in an accident. She was allegedly confined to a room in which she later died. Now, Lady Jane Middleton, also known as the White Lady, is said to haunt the Elizabethan manor.

As well as this, some people have said they’ve seen a strange orange glow coming from Room 19. Visitors have reported hearing peculiar, ghostly laughs with some even saying they’ve felt as though they’ve been watched in the manor and been touched by invisible hands.

Wollaton Park currently has a Halloween-themed fairground, entry to the hall can be booked online.

Do a ghost walk at Ye Olde Salutation Inn / Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

These two pubs might be entirely different establishments, but both have terrifying tales attached to them.

A highwayman who drowned in a well is said to haunt Ye Olde Salutation Inn. One man claimed to have had a petrifying run-in with him, the highwayman is said to have charged towards him but faded away before he ran into the man.

Some people have also claimed to have seen a young ghost girl named Rosie. According to them, she doesn’t mind making her presence known.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is the first point of call on the Original Nottingham Ghost Walk

Over at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, a cursed object hangs above the tables. Known as the Cursed Galleon, the model ship sits in a glass case and for good reason as anyone who is said to touch it becomes ill and dies.

The cellars beneath the pub used to be part of Nottingham Castle’s prison system with at one time, 30 to 40 prisoners said to have been occupying the space.

It is certainly a pub with a deep, spooky history but still, it’s an interesting one that might just show you why so many people deem it haunted and creepy.

The Original Nottingham Ghost Walk takes visitors from Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem to Ye Olde Salutation Inn. Tickets for this tour can be booked online here.

Chill with spirits at Hopkinson / The Haunted Museum

It’s known for its eclectic array of antiques and vintage clothing, but the store Hopkinson also has a spooky reputation. Apparently, it’s incredibly haunted and the staff there have many stories to share.

Ellie Lewsza, who works at Hopkinson, told The Tab Notts: “The cleaner was cleaning one night and there was a weird doll on one of the shelves. Suddenly, it flew across the room. So now she doesn’t come at night or she brings her kid because it’s scary here.”

Ellie’s colleague, Anna Jones, told The Tab Notts more about the ghostly goings-on: “When I was alone in the empty cellar a few months ago, I heard a low, loud, solid sound whistling from the corner of the room. I’ve also seen the card rack spin on its own.”

Ornaments and vintage suede coats might not be the only things from the past inhabiting Hopkinson

The Haunted Museum has also been moved into Hopkinson. Originally located in a disused cinema in Mapperley, the attraction has apparently brought even more paranormal activity to the store.

In a freaky Instagram post, Hopkinson shows that while the Haunted Museum was being set up, ghostly footprints appeared on the shop floor.

The post also shows CCTV footage of what appears to be a feminine white shape floating past some of the clothes racks. Some staff members believe it’s the spirit of Lady Hopkinson, a former owner of the store.

Hopkinson is located opposite Nottingham Train Station. Entry to the Haunted Museum costs £8.

Visit the ghosts at Nottingham Castle

The castle is often one of the first landmarks you’ll see coming into the city on a train. Despite its grandeur, some of the stories that come from it are quite chilling.

In 1330, the nobleman Roger Mortimer was held within a cell before being taken to his execution. He is said to haunt his former cell and his lover, Queen Isabella, has also made her mark on the castle with some people having reported hearing her scream.

But Queen Isabella is the least scariest spirit here.

The Countess of Nottingham apparently paces the castle grounds and you really don’t want to see her as she is said to only appear to people who will die within a year. So if you go, let’s hope she’s either on her lunch break or too busy binging Squid Game to do any prophesising.

The entrance to Nottingham Castle sits imposingly beneath a silvery sky

Entry to Nottingham Castle costs £10.80 for students, just have your student ID with you upon arriving to prove you’re eligible for this discount. You can book online.

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