Five things you can do in Notts from May 17th

Bojo is starting to slack some COVID-19 rules

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease and the hope of freedom and summer approaches, an ever-growing list of previously normal (but since banned activities) are becoming legal once again.

Although ditching social distancing and clubbing is not due to re-open until June 21st at earliest, there are plenty of other things to do on both rainy and warm days.

Here are some things that you can do in Notts from the 17th of May according to new COVID-19 government guidelines:

Face to face teachings resumes for all students

After 14 months of no in-person teaching, we will be able to glare at the noisy students in the back of lecture theatres, spend the entire time watching YouTube or get lost on Instagram whilst asking ourselves, “What was the point in coming to this in the first place?”

Well, that is presuming anyone actually has any lectures or seminars left. (Anybody?)

Goodbye, Teams.

Crisis sit down sessions and your favourite restaurant opening

The easing of restrictions means that Crisis sit down sessions are starting again. At long last, you will be allowed to get drunk in places that aren’t outside in the cold, in damp Lenton houses or halls.

You will also be allowed to eat inside your favourite restaurant, whether that be Zaap Thai Street Food or Sexy Mama Loves Spaghetti – as long as you’re in a group of 6, of course.

Crisis sessions

Savoy cinema opening

Just in time for Godzilla vs Kong, Tom and Jerry, Raya and The Last Dragon, Peter Rabbit 2 and of course The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.

The Savoy is the perfect place to take your awkward tinder date when you really don’t feel like talking to them. But let’s not forget Fast and Furious 9 (yes, the franchise is still going strong) and the new Black Widow film that’s coming out in July.

A BBQ with up to 30 mates outside

Finally we will be allowed to invite mates from other uni houses over for a BBQ or Pimm’s in the garden just in time for (hopefully) sunnier weather. Or if you’re in halls, you’ll be allowed to socialise in large groups on the downs without security coming over and ruining your game of footy or frisbee.

BBQ season <3

Have a break from revision and go to the spa

Go on, treat yourself!

For my super boujee students who want a break from revision, there are a collection of spas around Nottingham which are now open. (The Crowne Plaza Nottingham on Wollaton Street by City Centre are doing spa deals from £39 per person!)

The government will also be reviewing social distancing rules and the wearing of face masks on May 17, but I hope this new found freedom will give you something to look forward to as the dreaded exam season approaches.

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