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BREAKING: A fire has broken out at an industrial unit in Dunkirk

The smoke can be seen from UoN Campus and Lenton

A large plume of smoke can be seen across University Park Campus and Lenton.

Nottinghamshire Fire have confirmed that the fire is on Redfield Road in Dunkirk and that is it coming from an industrial unit.

Further reports from Capital Midlands News state that at least 20 firefighters are currently on the scene attempting to tackle the blaze.

Footage and photos captured by witnesses depict a large cloud of black smoke ascending from the industrial unit opposite UoN’s University Park Campus and spreading out over the area.

Zoe Aldridge, a 4th year Pharmacy student at UoN, witnessed the fire breaking out and told The Tab Notts that firefighters are evacuating people from the scene.

Notts Fire have advised that those in the surrounding area who can smell and see smoke should keep their doors and windows closed.