Are the new Crisis campus sessions worth it?

This is not your average trip to a pub garden

Crisis have expanded their reach, landing on the University of Nottingham’s Park Campus with their new weekly Campus sessions. But the burning question is… Are they really worth it?

Perfectly situated for those in halls, and only a short drunk stumble away from Lenton, the location is great. The sessions also give those who haven’t stepped foot on campus the opportunity to remind themselves that campus does actually exist.

The evening session is a solid three hours (8:30-11:30), but if you are looking for a seat in the limited area under a marquee then arriving at least 10 minutes if not more before the start time should be advised. Even if you don’t get there early  you can still stay warm by letting that sweet, sweet VK flow through your veins.

The drinks are definitely on the pricey side but nothing that would be unexpected inside a club, and the service is really fast – just make sure you have the ‘on tap’ app downloaded and ready to go.

The music is in keeping with what you would expect at Crisis, and the general atmosphere is what really makes the night. This is not your average trip to a pub garden.

The area under the marquee is definitely the place to be, with lights, good music and a bit more warmth. Although the music and lights are mostly ineffective for the outdoor seating, this does not affect the grandeur of the event itself. Let’s be honest, anything with a slither of Crisis-ness attached is a godsend.

So whether it’s a small 6 person trip, or a society social, this is not to be missed out on!

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