University of Nottingham will be implementing a compulsory uniform next academic year

They will be the first UK university to do so


Leaked images have revealed that the University of Nottingham plan to bring in a compulsory ‘school’ uniform for all students as of next 2021/22 academic year.

UoN will be the first UK university to implement this change- with the hope that more will follow suit.

The main reason for this change, says an anonymous university insider, is so UoN students can become easily identifiable to local residents, following a slew of complaints made directly to the university.

These leaked photos were exclusively obtained by the Tab Notts from a source code of the UoN website.

The photos revealed a draft design for a ‘University of Nottingham Blazer’, a blue jacket complimented by the classic UoN castle logo. Alongside it, a simple pair of grey trousers.

According to the anonymous uni insider, “the university have been discussing these plans for years”. They added, “Shearer West has been pushing for this ever since she became Vice-Chancellor back in October 2017, but was originally met with a lot of hostility.

“Now, since the university have received hundreds of complaints regarding their students, they want to make sure that those students can be easily identifiable to local residents. The hope is that students will better their behaviour when clearly representing the university.”

According to current design drafts, there is set to be only one unisex uniform, for all students to wear.

uniform notts


Abby Morgan, a first year English student at UoN told the Tab, “I’m in shock that they even considered this in the first place to be honest. After years of wearing uniform at school, uni is meant to be the time to let loose. I haven’t even been to Crisis yet and now I’m being told to wear school uniform again? Surely not.”

The upcoming changes were not met with total hostility from all students however, with second year Jacob Smith pointing out: “Do we get a mufti day now or something? That would be sick.”

If you made it this far… check the date. Happy April Fools.