Lenton Rec and The Arboretum have been closed by the council due to large crowds

What a way to spoil the fun for the rest of us


Nottingham City Council has closed two prime student hot spots, Lenton Recreation Ground and The Arboretum, following the huge crowds that gathered there earlier in the week.

The large crowds were drawn to both public areas following the slight easing of Lockdown rules this Monday, 29th March, and the gorgeous 21 degree weather that came with it.

The Tab Notts reported on the large amounts of people that gathered in The Arboretum on Monday, leading to a large fight to break out involving many people not wearing masks or socially distancing.

It is now understood that all entrances to Lenton Rec have been padlocked shut whilst the The Arboretum has also been closed.

Forest Recreation Ground will remain open, however, with more police patrols that will focus on enforcing social distancing and confiscating alcohol. All three spaces are alcohol free zones.

Paddy Tipping, Police and Crime commissioner, said “police think that if they can get on top of control over alcohol confiscation, and make the people holding it pour it away, then it will lead to better behaviour”.

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