What your free Pret drink says about you as a Notts student

Seeing as the whole of Notts are treating it like CRISIS this month


Seems that over the past month the whole of Nottingham student population has discovered the free drinks that Pret has to offer. Whether you’re doing it to hit 10,000 steps on your Fitbit, procrastinating from studying or actually going for the free coffee, Notts Pret has become the new student watering hole.

But what exactly does your free drinks order say about you?

Hot chocolate/Mocha

Right, so you probably don’t even like coffee, but were starting to get fomo of your friends bonding over the 40-minute round trip into town so here you are, a hot chocolate addict. Quite frankly, the rest of the menu is a blur of -ccino’s and it was this or a watered down smoothie.

On day 16 you’ll likely get a tad cocky and add little bit of *spice* with a hazelnut shot- you’ll inevitably regret this decision.


You’re probably super sweet and live for this milky, frothy, chocolate topped coffee after thinking you discovered it last week. You’re probably grabbing this on route to Hallward and are up to date with all your uni work- I mean you obviously got 8 hours sleep or you’d be ordering something stronger.

Smoothie/Any iced drink

Ah, so you’re the one that all the Notts Pret staff hate. They roll their eyes when you order this and if it’s anywhere near 3pm, its off the menu. You’re bubbly and friendly but you’re also the reason we are queuing round the block freezing our tits off and getting mobbed by pigeons.

Flat white

You likely drive a fiat 500, live in activewear and actually need this coffee to power through the hangover from last nights ‘drinks with the gals’. This isn’t your first trip, you’re confident and know your latte from your Cortado. You also loved a Pret long before this offer existed so are likely to pick up your usual avo wrap with the money you think you’ve saved.

Matcha iced double shot chai extra vanilla soy green foam thing

Right so you’re one of two people: The wannabe influencer that seems edgy, sophisticated and ACTUALLY PAID FOR THE MONTH OF COFFEE (unlike the rest of Lenton)

Or… You’ve managed to get through the whole Pret menu in your free month and it’s got to the point that you’re trying new things- you’re not edgy but you want to see what the hype is about (I know, I’ve been there, don’t waste your time)

Mint tea

Having already walked round Park estate, journaled and finished your 6am yoga, you’re here to finish your morning ritual. You probably don’t miss Crisis as much as the rest of us and spent the majority of lockdown content in your own company. Likely on your way back to uni accommodation in Beeston, you’re happy, and so is your liver.

Black Americano/ Filter coffee

To put it simply, you have a deadline. You mean business, and this coffee is purely a step closer to the first degree you desperately want- you’ll likely consume this in a hurried pace like you do everything in your life. The darkest drink on the menu, you probs haven’t slept, and you’re definitely not going to after this.