A flooding in Broadgate Park has left freshers ‘drenched’

Not exactly the Ocean they were hoping for

A flat in Broadgate Park has been torrentially flooded after freshers were left waiting “days” for a plumber to arrive.

Lockdown is stressful enough for students, but luckily most of us can return from our daily walk around the block to a warm, dry house.

For one flat in Broadgate Park however, this was not the case. These poor first years first experience of Ocean was largely metaphorical as they took an evening dip in their kitchen.

The flat in question had been expecting a plumber sent by their maintenance the “next day”, after a few weeks of “issues with the tap” in their kitchen.

The plumber however, was not to reach them in time, and the flat had a rather unpleasant ‘surprise’ one evening when the kitchen sink started spewing out of control. A resident of the flat told the Tab Nottingham: “I was having a shower when my flatmate started screaming saying our kitchen was flooding out of control.”

The maintenance, aware of the age of the block, were apparently “relaxed about it… on the phone”, said the girls, and they reassured the flat that they would come and sort it out and it was nothing to worry about.

According to the residents, the block in question, Limes, is “older and quite a few things have broken this year”, and there are small goings on like taps breaking and leaking constantly across the campuses. The maintenance held their relaxed attitude, that is, until they arrived and ‘were like oh it actually is flooding’. (no shit Sherlock).

The flat were then abandoned by the maintenance, left to put towels by the doors to prevent some of the water, as they awaited their salvation (the plumber, due to arrive in 30 minutes). During this time they managed to make a TikTok, and gather supplies (snacks) to eat as the drama unfolded.

Once again, the plumber was too late to witness the action, arriving when “water was flowing out the front of the block, and with the kitchen and corridor ankle deep in water”.

To add to the overall stress of lockdown, and the lack of distractions at the moment (RIP Crisis), these poor freshers were evacuated to a new flat, where they remain to this day. They had initially hoped to move back in the next few days, however now they have been informed that they should fully move over into their new flat. They stress however that “it’s not a goodbye, it’s a see ya later”, hopeful that they will return at some point this year.

Their old flat will not be ready for some time, and it has thankfully been noted by the maintenance that they will have to change the carpets at some point.

Maybe these drenched and presumably mouldy carpets can be donated to the ‘Big O’, where the carpets could do with changing.