UoN are giving out freebies to students who take a covid test

Along with free food, you could win £500

The University of Nottingham have announced a new 12 week programme of free incentives to encourage students to take regular covid tests from the uni’s Asymptomatic Testing Programme.

Upon returning to campus after the Winter break, students were encouraged to take a covid test before leaving their homes and again on arrival in Nottingham via the uni’s own testing programme. Since then, students have been encouraged to take covid tests regularly, the university recommends weekly, to keep yourselves and the community safe.

Free food bundle

What was not so widely advertised, however, was the freebies students could receive upon taking a test. As someone who has been taking weekly tests at the university since my return to Nottingham in early January, I have received two free pizzas, three free food bundles and one meal voucher that I used at Starbucks.

The university has now announced a new 12 week programme of incentives to encourage even more students to get tested. The freebies up for grabs include food bundles, cold drinks and chocolate, charitable donations and for those who frequent the service a lot, entry into a prize draw.

The prizes available are “£500 (16 recipients), a new iPad (40 recipients), a University sports centre 30 day pass or sports pack (40 recipients), and a £5 voucher which can be used at certain catering outlets (200 recipients)”.

Phoebe Willis, a final year Neuroscience student, has been working for the uni’s Asymptomatic Testing Service since January. She told The Tab Notts “The incentives have worked so well in previous weeks that the university has decided to use the new 12 week scheme starting this week.

“It’s so important to get tested, especially in the student population where many of us might get COVID but be asymptomatic. UoN’s testing service is a great way to make sure we, as students, aren’t spreading the virus, and we benefit too from all the incentives.”

You can book a test here.

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