Teaching at UoN to remain online for non-practical courses until April

Students taking practical courses may find themselves returning for 8th March

The University of Nottingham has confirmed that students taking non-practical courses will not return to in-person teaching until after the Easter holidays at the earliest.

Meanwhile, students on courses with practical elements and specialist equipment are expected to return to in-person teaching on 8th March.

It remains unclear when, or if, non-practical course students will be returning to campus for in-person teaching this academic year. A decision is expected to be made before the end of the Easter holidays in April.

In an email to students, the University of Nottingham confirmed: “From Monday 8 March, undergraduate and postgraduate students who are studying practical or practice-based subjects and require specialist equipment and facilities can return to campus to resume in-person teaching.

“By the end of the Easter holidays, the government will review the options for timing the return of remaining students. This review will take account of the latest data and will be a key part of the wider roadmap steps. Students will be given at least one week’s notice ahead of any further return.”

All students will be contacted by their faculty to confirm if they will be returning to in-person teaching in March, or if they will remain online. The start dates might differ for those returning.

The university is also urging students to stick to Government guidelines. In particular, they do not want students in Nottingham returning back home in April for Easter and say they will be arranging activities over the holiday for students on campus.

This development is one part of Boris Johnson’s plan to get England out of lockdown, in which all school children will be returning to their classrooms on March 8th and clubbing back, potentially, as early as June 21st.