We tried all the TikTok beauty hacks so you don’t have to

From piercing guns to burning lips- all the beauty hacks to try (or avoid) in lockdown

Lockdown 3.0 has left us all locked up with nothing to do. So after weeks of doing all but online classes, Joe Wicks’ kids work out, binge watching Bridgerton and consuming copious amounts of Gigi Hadid pasta, I turned to TikTok for some fun. After all, experimenting with a beauty hack in lockdown has little repercussions – and if it doesn’t work out, only you and your ego will know.

The disposable piercing gun

Jumping in at number one, and for all the wrong reasons, the disposable piercing gun. Bought off Amazon for a bargain of £7.99, this hack was probably my favourite (and most stupid). After peer-pressuring my housemate into a “I’ll do it if you do it” agreement, we marked out the spot and pierced our lobes. Honestly this was painless, quick and easy- and I’m low key annoyed at how much I’ve previously spent at piercing salons. Solid 10/10.

There should probs be a disclaimer with this one, so attempt at your own risk (it’s only been a week so still time for it all to go tits up)

However, this TikToker seems to make an absolute mess of it so whatever you do, don’t do what she did.

The cinnamon lip plumper

I was pretty sceptical of this hack, partly because the 15 year old in me is scarred from the Kylie Jenner lip challenge and partly because I didn’t want to end up in A&E with an allergic reaction- but hey, likelihood is I’ve already got an infected ear so why not risk it?

I mixed a couple of drops of cinnamon oil (Amazon- £2.99) with my usual lip gloss and pretty carelessly whacked it on. Honestly this shouldn’t even be classed as a hack, my lips were no more ‘plump’ and the result was not worth the burning pain- I’d give it a measly 4/10.

Colour corrector for under the eyes

Right, so this was actually a game changer for me. According to TikTok, putting an orange base under your concealer somehow counteracts with the purple and magically gets rid of the bags under your eyes.

I used an orange eyeshadow and whacked concealer on over the top and to my amazement it actually worked. I mean, I wasn’t exactly a different person, but it also didn’t look like I’d been punched in both eyes like it normally does, so I’d class that as a win- 9/10

‘Plop’ your hair

So supposedly, you wrap a t-shirt round your hair and an hour later you’ll have luscious curls. If your desire is to cut off the circulation to your head, pull out some hair and dry it at the same time then this hack is the one for you, but it didn’t really work for much else.

Sort of just a quick root to having hair that’s been back combed within an inch of its life- 5/10

(I suspect the expensive products and naturally curly hair contributed to hers looking 10x better than mine)

Soap brow lamination

So apparently brow laminations are the latest beauty trend? Not going to lie, but I don’t really get this trend but hey, if you like that wolf-ish look then I’m not here to judge. I did, however, make the mistake of using liquid soap instead of a soap bar- antibacterial at that, so my eyes were burning and I was crying whilst attempting this one.

I’m sure if you follow the instructions it would have the desired effect. 7/10

However you choose to spend this lockdown, may your ears stay uninfected and your brows bushy.