Five things to do when the pandemic is finally over

Your guide to making this summer (or the next) the best one yet with all that saved money from lockdown

We’re coming up to a year of corona, and at this point, what else is there to do after exams have finished and pubs are closed? Plan the unforgettable things we can do when we get our first moments of freedom, and never waste another day watching Netflix again (or something like that…)

Here’s five things to do, as soon as the pandemic is finally over:


Unless you were lucky enough to escape in the travel window across summer, most of us are itching to feel the heat hit us as we step off a plane and have a pint at the airport at 6am (it seems perfectly reasonable).

When travel restrictions begin to ease there is never a better time to embark on your trip of a lifetime to some of the furthest corners of the world, and have something truly unforgettable to look forward to. Whether you want to be sunbathing on white sandy beaches, exploring a new city or volunteering at a turtle sanctuary theres plenty of schemes and platforms to help you on your way.

If you’re looking to stay a little closer to home, the United Kingdom is home to some of the most extraordinary scenery and beaches, and it could be all we could get this summer so we’ve got to make the most of it. The Scottish answer to Route 66 is their stunning North Coast 500, following the coastal edges of the North Highlands and offers some of the most stunning mountain scenery in the country.

If a beach is more of your scene why not plan an air b’n’b with some of your pals in Cornwall for a wholesome and sunny weekender, or if you’re looking for somewhere a bit more lively why not go to Brighton pier and enjoy some of its nightlife?

Student Universe offers student discounts across all flights and travel insurance and is an easy aide in getting you well on your way to explore the world.

• Jacks Flight Club, helping subscribers stay notified when long-haul flights drop in price, for the cheapest and best deals. This is ideal for the impromptu traveller as flights can be notified at weeks notice and to hundreds of destinations around the world.

• Travelteer, a travel agent offering affordable and transparent volunteering opportunities for students to help in marine and wildlife, sports, english and education and textiles. Costing only £24 a day for all transport, food and accommodation this could be the answer to your inner gap yar self.


Nothing quite beats festival season, wether you’re a well-groomed day festival kind of person, or a caked-in-mud camper, we can still hold out hope that our favourite artists and acts will be able to perform this summer.

With Nottingham’s very own Detonate and Download promising some of the very best student events, its a must-have ticket for the summer of a lifetime.

Why not plan your favourite festival looks and trawl through Depop to find the outfit that no-one else will be wearing?

Seeing family and friends

For so many of us, lockdown has meant we haven’t been able to hug some of our nearest and dearest for months. So next on our list is planning your first catch up with your Granny, Grandpa or Great Uncle’s new lockdown pup (this time indoors legally and closer than 2 meters).

Think of your favourite food, drinks and past time activities for a catch up and hug that beats dreary Zoom quizzes by a country mile.


Now, what we have missed the most but what feels the furthest away: Nottingham’s nightlife. Whether its a cold pint at the Rose and Crown or a boujee cocktail at the Alchemist, drinking in your Lenton living room isn’t quite cutting it anymore, even when you’re on your fifth house bar crawl.

Let us not forget (although it is now in a distant memory) the hazy nights out of Nottingham’s finest clubs, at the very top of the list: Rock City. Whether its a CRISIS or a Rock City Friday, you’re bound to see half of your course, sports club and halls all in one place, crowded onto the sweaty Rock City dance floor.

Pryzm Monday’s just weren’t quite the same if you didn’t know Greg, and don’t even get me started on NG1’s £1 Jaegers.

When the vaccine is finally rolled out, you can be sure that every single student will be trying to make it on a five day complete tour of Nottingham’s finest student nights. In the meantime make sure your alcohol tolerance doesn’t drop too dangerously low, you don’t want to be the one to not make it out on the first night out back.


For those that are grieving the cancellation of all BUCS leagues for the rest of the academic year, we can still hold out hope that come September (and after we have all worked off our lockdown dad-bods) UoN are going to hit the ground running with their outstanding all round sports performances (The Sunday Times, Good University Guide Sports University of the year).

If (yet another) walk around Wollaton or an online Fifa defeat isn’t quite recreating Winning Wednesdays, you’ve got to keep hope that September brings with it a brand new season ready for the green and gold white wash.