UoN to reintroduce the grace period and a safety net for semester two

‘This will ensure student performance is judged fairly in the covid context’

University of Nottingham has announced the grace period that students had grown accustomed to in the Autumn term will be reintroduced for semester two, along with a safety net policy.

In January, the university announced what they called a ‘safety net package’, which consisted of easy access to extenuating circumstances for all students, supportive study environments and a protection of students’ degree standard.

However, most students were actually infuriated rather than relieved by this ‘safety net’ package as it did not include an actual safety net. The university claimed that the safety net that was introduced for the 19/20 academic year was unable to be applied for 20/21 as “many students would not have enough credits unaffected by Covid-19 to make their degrees credible”.

Along with this blow, it was all also announced that the grace period that so many students relied upon in the Autumn semester would not be applied for semester two despite many campaigns for it to be.

The grace period and a safety net will apply for the spring semester

But now it seems that the pressure from the student body has finally got through to the university as yesterday a statement was released announcing the reinstallation of a five day grace period for semester two. This will be in effect from 1st February until the middle of May.

As before, students are still encouraged to work towards the original deadline of their assessments but the grace period is there for them to fall back on if they need it. However, some types of assessments are now exempt from this grace period including in-class exams, short written assessments and live presentations.

Additionally, the university are also promising that they will “ask moderators and Exam Boards to compare pre- and post-Covid marks in semester one and two assessments to further ensure that student performance is judged fairly”.

Whilst it is still not quite what the students of 19/20 academic year received, it is a step in the right direction from the university in offering students the support they so desperately need and deserve.

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