How to have the best lockdown birthday in Notts

Did someone say hot tub?

Now in the midst of Lockdown 3.0, it is safe to say that the usual birthday celebrations of bar-crawls, club nights, and house parties are out the window. There’s only one solution, to bring the party home (Boris hasn’t banned that just yet). This guide will help make birthdays just as special and fun as pre-corona.

Bring the sesh to you with a club-themed night

Ink, Ocean, Pryzm, Rock City, the list goes on. What we’d do to be out on the dance floor again. But rest assured, we can bring the sesh home with themed nights. Why not even split up your house into different rooms: R & B, Cheese, Drum & Bass, and House? You and your housemates can manage a room each, organising the music and dressing for the theme.

Tin foil walls are a vibe.

Hire a Hot-tub

One way to really pimp up the birthday celebrations in lockdown is to hire a hot-tub. Why not hire a tub for a weekend,  enjoy a few Birthday bubbles with your housemates, and then cure your hangover the next day with the ultimate form of relaxation. (Also a great chance to flex on insta lol).

Courtesy of Tim’s Tubs

Organise a Birthday Brunch

A fabulous way to celebrate is to organise a brunch with your housemates. It’s a very versatile plan too; with options for cocktails alongside and some drinking games, or more of a boujee breakfast vibe, this is the perfect way to celebrate in true lockdown style.

*Chef’s Kiss*

Host a Dinner Party

If you’re not the crazy drinking sesh type, then perhaps a more civilised dinner party is the perfect birthday plan for you. Get dressed up to the nines for a three-course meal or buffet, with some prosecco and some games and enjoy your birthday with your friends. If making the meal is not on your agenda, then why not order from your favourite restaurant instead?

British tapas x

Host a Zoom Murder-Mystery

If you’re still stuck at home and missing your uni pals, a murder-mystery zoom is a  great way to celebrate together, and it is better than a regular lockdown quiz. Requiring a bit of acting in some, this activity is a great way to celebrate and is such a laugh. With lots of packs to buy online, your options are endless.

A strong commitment to costumes


We may not be able to enjoy the 2-4-1 cocktails in Notts, but a great idea to do with your housemates is to choose a different cocktail to make each, and make them for you and all of your friends. This gives everyone a chance to have a different cocktail and also works out cheaper than making different cocktails for just yourself.

Although celebrations might be limited, there is no reason why we can’t still have fun and make the most of lockdown and time with your housemates.