These freshers organised a boozy scavenger hunt all around Notts and it was mad

They were handcuffed to a partner and had to complete crazy challenges

A group of freshers, living in Lenton and Wortley halls, organised a crazy scavenger hunt all around Nottingham and University Park Campus in honour of their mates’ birthdays’.

Lockdown three and corona circumstances meant that they knew they would have limited options to celebrate their big day. So they got creative and personally curated the maddest Notts scavenger hunt ever known.

There were four teams of six; each split into pairs and handcuffed to a partner of the opposite sex for three hours. Each pair had to complete as many tasks as possible, in order to win points for their team.

Tasks ranged from downing a pint in a lake (50 points for waist deep and 100 for full body), to chopping a shot with a stranger.

Reese Miller, a first year student who participated in the scavenger hunt described the day as “crazy”.

She said: “We were running around campus tied together trying to get strangers to do shots with us, do 30 press ups on the terrace etc. Then we counted up the most points the next day.

“It was so good, like partnering us with people who we normally wouldn’t spend all day with was so fun, like we had to go to the toilet together, and persuade your partner to do tasks you wanted to do; eg get in the lake.

“The birthday boys chose which pairs everyone was in. For example, the boy I was handcuffed to, I normally never end up drinking with him / spending time with him, and now we have loads of inside jokes and realised we actually get on really well: which you’d expect after I’ve drunk from his shoe.”

In the end, all glory was handed to the Green team, who finished with a win after a gruelling day of challenges.

The full list of challenges are attached below. We must advise that you proceed with caution if you decide to take on this hefty scavenger hunt (in a corona-friendly way, of course).

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