Why it’s so important Notts students remember Holocaust Memorial Day

We must come together in solidarity against anti-semitism, now more than ever

The 27thof January 2021 marks the internationally recognised Holocaust Memorial Day. Taking place on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the day is dedicated to the remembrance of the Jews, other victims of the Nazi regime, and the Holocaust.

Following an uptick in anti-semitic crimes, days such as the Holocaust Memorial Day are important for students to recognise. As time passes, it remains important to remember the events that occurred, and ensure that they can never happen again. As an age group that will eventually lead the country, it is pivotal that we never forget the gravity of the holocaust, as it our responsibility to be active against not only antisemitism, but all forms of discrimination.

Each year since 2001, a ceremony is held live at 7PM, attended by royals, politicians, and religious figures. Candles are lit, and survivors tell stories in order to raise awareness of the atrocities that were committed.

This year, however, the event will be fully digital due to Coronavirus. The theme is ‘Be the light in the darkness’, and the public are invited to place candles in their windows as a sign of respect, and in honour of the millions who were murdered. The hour long ceremony is accessible through this link, where you have to register.