Notts students are jumping on these Y2k styles, here’s some of the best

It’s what Paris and Nicole would’ve wanted

Looking back at some of the outfits you wore in the 2000s may be vomit-inducing, which is exactly why a do-over is entirely called for. From within the wardrobes of celebrity icons to high streets of Nottingham, Y2k trends are resurfacing with arguably more style than ever before.

The reason for this recycling of old trends comes from what fashion experts call the “myth of change”. Basically, the entire concept of clothes going in and out of fashion is a lie invented to drive consumersim and make you buy more. In fact, its probably best to never throw out any item of clothing, because chances are, unless it’s unforgivably hideous, it’ll make a come-back at some point.

Here are some Y2k trends to keep your eye out for on the catwalk streets of Notts this term, and jump on if you’re fearless enough. We’ve included some gorgeous Nottingham residents for Y2k references and style inspo.

The Juicy tracksuit

Infamously donned by Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and other Y2k princesses, the Juicy Couture tracksuit is an important staple of anyones’ 2000s wardrobe. You’ve probably already noticed this trend on high streets, with Urban Outfitters now selling a full Juicy set for just over £100, a fraction of the original price.


Low-rise bottoms are one of the harder trends to make work, but stunning if you can. Despite the comfort and stability of high-waisted jeans that I wouldn’t trade for anything, the low-rise look has a certain edge that can’t be matched. Plus, if you happen to have a belly-button ring they’re the perfect way to show it off.

The Exposed Thong

Whilst this trend may be a bit too raunchy for some, I’m in love with the sublty appalling concept of having your underwear on show in public. Maybe it’s too much to don on campus or the high-street, but hold onto this style for when clubs reopen. Its a definite show-stopper that I hope stays on trend long after lockdown ends.

Rhinestones and Sequins

Bedazzling has long since gone out of fashion, but I’ve been secretly hoping I’ll be able to get my kit back down from the loft for years. Think sparkly tops, bags, jeans, skirts, and shoes: this may be my favourite Y2k look to resurface. Although it may be better suited to partying than everyday life, this really only depends on whether you’re brave enough to wear a sequin top to Tesco.


Some Y2k brands making a come-back at the moment include Von Dutch, aforementioned Juicy Couture, and Playboy. Most notably, Missguided recently launched a collaboration with Playboy which includes sweatshirts and tracksuits, among other items. As well as these brands, luxury designer prints such as the Dior and Louis Vuitton monograms are resurfacing in fashion. The 2000s were an era when if you had wealth you showed it off, although nowadays it’s far easier to find dupes than it was back then, so being minted isn’t a necessity to being on trend.