Party with over 200 freshers broken up by police outside St Peter’s Court

Looks like SPC is immune to coronavirus!

A party with over 200 people was broken up by Nottinghamshire police outside UoN and Trent student halls, St Peter’s Court. As well as large crowds gathering mostly outside SPC, many smaller parties were happening inside the student accommodation as well.

The party ended just after midnight on Saturday 28th November, as attendees dispersed due to the arrival of Nottinghamshire police, who were unable to make any arrests.

News of the antics spread fast via multiple TikTok and Instagram posts and stories of the mad party were documented wide over Snapchat.

The party was merely one of many that was broken up by the police throughout Nottingham last night where a total of 26 residents were handed £200 fines.

Det Supt Andrew Gowan commented by saying: “The very last thing we want to be doing as police officers is to be punishing people for gathering together and having fun.

“We understand that this is a difficult time but there really are no excuses for this kind of behaviour where people are blatantly ignoring the restrictions in such large numbers.”

This news comes just as students begin to be tested next week from the 3rd to the 9th December to be able to travel home for the winter break as per the government’s student travel window guidelines.

If you’re a UoN student, find out how you can get tested here, and if you’re a Trent student, here.