Notts Christmas Market will open this December

What a time to be alive!!!

Nottingham’s Christmas Market will be open between December 5th to 24th from 10AM to 9PM. However, due to Covid-19, the set-up this year will be very different.

The market will host a collection of stalls and rides, as well as an observation wheel and large Christmas tree. Some of the more popular venues, most noticeably the pop-up bars and ice skating rink, will not be operating.

Unlike in previous years, alcohol will not be served.

A picture of the Christmas Market in Old Market Square in years past.

Due to Covid-19, hospitality is struggling- and Notts’ Christmas Market is no exception. Vast changes have been made to cut down on previous amenities, increase space, and improve safety measures.

If required, limits may be placed on capacity. There will be free hand sanitising and enhanced cleaning procedures. Contactless will become the favoured method of payment when possible. The event has been spread out, too, with stalls on two extra roads to allow for more space for social distancing.

With tighter Government restrictions, the pop-up bars, such as the Ice Bar and Altitude, as well as the outdoor ice skating rink, are not able to be staged. The Government rules on alcohol sales for hospitality venues also means that no stall can sell alcohol.

Stalls which can remain open will sell a range of gifts, crafts and speciality food. Though the sale of alcohol is not allowed, non-alcoholic mulled wine will be available for purchase.

Not everything will be lost: the Ice Mountain toboggan slide is back and the carousel, too. There’s also a heater skelter to slide down.

Local authorities are encouraging visitors to attend the market outside of busy times to avoid large crowds.

Nottingham’s Christmas Market will be operating under tier three restrictions come the lifting of the national lockdown. Under these updated rules, people can only meet those from other households in outdoor public spaces like parks, where the rule of six applies.