Nottingham to receive COVID-19 vaccine by the 9th of December

Christmas has come early!!!

Nottingham and the wider Nottinghamshire area will receive the new coronavirus vaccinations as early as Wednesday the 9th of December, pending Government approval.

The mobilisation of the vaccination resources are expected to be ready by Tuesday the 1st of December, as the city prepare to roll out the vaccine in mass proportion as soon as possible.

The most vulnerable people will be prioritised to receive the vaccination first-  categorised by age group and (social care) occupation.

There will be two main ‘mass vaccination’ sites in Nottingham- one near the centre of the city and one further up North, as well as smaller ‘satellite’ sites and roaming services.

In a public council meeting held earlier today, (Tuesday 24th November), Sarah Carter, the executive incident director at Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG, said that staff and volunteers are already being recruited.

“We’ve been working to prepare to deliver what will be, without doubt, the most unprecedented scale of vaccination programme that we’ve experienced.

“We’ve got approximately 1.3/1.4 million vaccinations to deliver, over what will be quite a concertina timeline across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. There is some really clear classification and cohorting that the joint committee on vaccination and immunisation has asked us to focus on.”

“The cohorting we’re looking to work to, in list of priority are: older adults in residential care homes and care home workers; moving to those who are over 80 years of age and health and social care workers; then all those who 75 years of age and older; then all those who are aged 70 years and over; all those 65 years of age and older; then moving to higher risk adults under 65 years of age and moderate risk adults under 65 years of age; then it goes down in age cohorts up to 18.”

She continued, “We have gone out to the whole of the (healthcare) system to try to recruit volunteers and individuals who will be able to work in those hubs, and be able to support the delivery of the vaccine.

“We are moving forward at pace. We are aiming to have everything in place by Tuesday, December 1, as per the national steer, and we would aim to go live, we believe, by Wednesday, December 9 should a vaccine be available, and the whole system is poised to move this forward.”

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