The bike that is part of the Banksy mural on Rothesay Avenue has disappeared

It is unclear whether this is intentional or vandalism

The broken bike that compliments the Banksy mural of a little girl using the bike’s missing tire as a hula hoop has disappeared.

It is unclear whether this is an intentional change or vandalism.

After Rothesay Avenue in Lenton was put on the map in mid-October from a visit by the street artist Banksy, the street became a hotspot of activity.

The original mural with the bike included.

Reacting to the public interest in the area, Nottingham City Council placed community officers by the piece of art in order to make sure it was not vandalised. However, on 20th November, the bike, which was a key part of the installation, went missing.

It remains unclear whether the council is aware of the recent change; the community offers placed to observe the area are no longer in place.

Vandals previously attempted to damage the Banksy mural with spray paint shortly after it appeared, although their attempts failed as a perspex screen installed by the council protected the piece.

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