Here are Nottingham’s biggest TikTok stars

From attending the VMAs to scoring numerous brand deals, Notts has some rising stars on its hands

Since being back in Nottingham, the sheer volume of videos of people swinging their hips in Market Square has increased exponentially.

As we begin to get comfortable with lockdown number 2, it is clear how we will be spending most of our days- and to spice up your For You Page, why not support our very own? The Charli D’Amelio’s and Bretman Rock’s of Nottingham, if you will.

1. @surfaceldn

Aka Jake Sweet, has racked up a whopping 6.9M followers with a collective of 162.8M likes on TikTok. Formerly a Trent Business Management and Marketing student, Jake dropped out in December 2019 to focus on pursuing his goal of becoming a social media influencer. Could he be our very own version of David Dobrik?

Content created: “The content I create is quite child friendly, mainly aimed at a target audience of 12-18 year olds, however the older generation do enjoy my content as well. I put a video on Facebook showcasing some Google tricks and it received over 10 million views!”

He is also a part of the ByteHouse – the UK’s first TikTok house.

Most viewed video: 110 million views (yes, you read that right) for growing a toy shark in water … fairs. “My most viewed was really random, I didn’t expect it to get that many views however I think people just love growing toy sharks!”

Any money made?: Yes. “I make a decent amount of money from my content. I get paid per view on YouTube and TikTok. I also get paid through advertisement videos”.

Jake is a part of the TikTok creator fund, has been offered a number of brand deals as well as his success taking him to MTV’s Video Music Awards last year and being invited to a Tommy Hilfiger event amongst a multitude of other things.

Fav TikTok’ers?: @itzshauni, @sharkboysam_ and @jamesowen1999

2. @juliasokolx

With 45.7K followers and 443.3K likes, Julia, a second year Law student at UoN is an Addison Rae in the making and soon she’ll be swapping LASS for L.A.

Content created: “I enjoy learning new dance trends and it’s always a laugh to make funny videos with my friends after a few drinks.”

Most viewed video: 2 million views for a TikTok dancing to Viva La Swing in Old Market Square.

Any money made?: Yes. Via collaborations with brands such as Cloudy and Whites Beaconsfield.

Fav TikTok’er: @olivianeill

3. @ellieblythe_

Between completing her undergrad in Theology and currently working towards a masters in Classics both at UoN, Ellie Blythe is doing the green and gold proud already, racking up 229.4K followers and 10.9M likes. Among her more popular videos is the scandalous ‘rating places on campus where I’ve…..’ (you can finish that sentence).

Content created: “I love spending time with my sister so we’re doing mostly comedy videos like our convos and arguments that we have.”

Most viewed video: 5.5 million views of her younger sister saying that boys make her mad…. (she’s not wrong though).

Any money made?: Yes. “Anyone with over 10,000 followers can make money from the TikTok creator fund. You can also make money from brand deals. I have been contacted by bigger companies such as WHSmith and Funky Pigeon, but I will only do brand deals that are relevant to my content.”

Fav TikTok’er: @lil_stace

4. @doctorethan

From starting out on Insta (and verified) and YouTube, the famous UoN medic has brought his medical expertise to TikTok with 152K followers and 2.8M likes.

Content created: Ethan creates videos surrounding intriguing medical facts advice, how to stay healthy, life as a medic and tips as a medical student.

Most viewed video: 2.3 million views in on how to cure a stuffy nose – perfect for this upcoming winter szn, eh?

Any money made?: Yes. Ethan is a part of the TikTok creator fund.

5. @lilymorsh

Nottingham Trent’s very own Lily Morsh has an impressive 68.4K followers and 4.1M likes. She is a very woke creator and you’ll be guaranteed a giggle when checking out her account.

Content created: “All sorts! I try to do some fashion ones like hauls or beauty videos but also some funny and relatable ones.”

Most viewed video: 3.6 million views for reacting to a life hack on how to fold a bed sheet – go and watch it, it will change your life.

Any money made?: Yes. She is a part of the TikTok creator fund.

Fav TikTok’er: @mcloughlingirls

6. @jamesowen1999

After realising that an apprenticeship in administration wasn’t for him, James became a builder where he began making TikTok videos. After three years, he quit his job in July 2020 to pursue TikTok as a full time career, with 1.4M followers and 46.6M likes so far.

Content created: “The type of content I create varies. I usually make DIY/creative videos however I do pull pranks on my friends/family.”

Most viewed video: 27.3 million views for fixing a hole in his desk with super noodles – practical AND nutritious!

Any money made?: Yes. “I have made a decent amount of money from my content. I am signed to a management company which gets me brand deals and also with the introduction of the TikTok creator fund we can make money off of every video we post.”

Fav TikTok’er: “I don’t really have a favourite individual TikTok’er as there are SO many amazing/talented people out there” (so wholesome!) Though he added a special shoutout to his best mate @surfaceldn 🙂

7. @salwa.aziz

Our youngest of the list, Salwa Aziz is a second year Biochemistry student at UoN and has accumulated a respectable 47.2K followers and 4M likes for her comedic content.

Content created: “I honestly haven’t stuck to one niche. I make vlogs, makeup videos and see funny/relatable videos too.”

Most viewed video: 1.1 million views using the classic Outer Banks audio – “yOu LoVe ThE iDeA oF mE”.

Any money made?: Yes. She has recently started making some money from the TikTok creator fund.

Fav TikTok’er: @chaserutherford