The five ugliest buildings on University Park Campus

These buildings are in need of renovation, or simply demolition.

One of the many reasons students chose Nottingham includes the beautiful campus of University Park. While the lake, the greenery and the wildlife create a gorgeous scenery, together with the historic Trent Building and the modern George Green Library, some buildings just don’t fit in and need to be upgraded ASAP.

Therefore, here is a comprehensive list of the ugliest buildings on UoN’s campus:

1. Tower Building

The worst of all is, of course, the Tower Building. The tallest building on campus, located right next to the main road on the outskirts of campus, is the first thing a passer-by would see due to its height. They named it Tower, for a reason it seems. However, it gives the wrong perception of the campus, as it’s based on the brutalist architectural style of the 1960s. Who wants to have a seminar on the 17th floor of an old building anyway? No one wants to waste precious minutes of their life waiting for the lift.

2. School of Psychology Building

The second place goes to the Psychology’s school building. The building simply looks like a prison. It’s so dark and dull, Psychology students must find it depressing to be inside, while the rest of the campus is so vibrant.

3. Life Sciences Building

Not far from the Psychology building, you’ll find the Life Sciences building. Those two depressing building blocks are situated next to each other, intensifying the dullness in that area of the campus. Situated between the modern Keighton Auditurium and the George Green Library, the old building looks simply inadequate and out of date. It’s there to ruin all your iconic campus photos.

4. Physics Building

Coming up next is the Physics Building. So old and ugly that it feels dirty. It also has a different colour scheme compared to most of the buildings on campus, as the entrance is grey and blue instead of green, the university’s colour. Don’t even get me started on how heavy the entrance doors are. The only reason this building isn’t higher up on the ranks for its ugliness is due to Einstein’s board with his own handwriting on it from when he visited the uni.

5. Sir Clive Granger Building

And lastly, it’s the building for the school of Economics and Geography. Despite the fact that it’s named after a nobelist, the school of Economics hasn’t managed to renovate its building to meet noble level quality. It’s old and confusing, with students characterizing it as a real-life maze. Everyone has gotten lost there, at least once. But it wins points for the modern auditoriums.

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