Lectures from your bedroom? How to manage first term remotely

Your guide to staying on top of uni in the middle of a pandemic

In these unprecedented times (as our lecturers enjoy reminding us when signing off every, single email) it can be difficult to know where to start when doing our university degree from our bedroom.

£9250 well spent…

Whether you’re a fresher saving yourself from the confusion of finding your way around the Law and Social Sciences building or a final year missing face to face meetings with personal tutors you’ve learnt to love (or hate), there are some key tips to keep yourself sane and on top of your work.

First term can be an overwhelming time in any circumstances, especially after the crazy rollercoaster 2020 is turning out to be. 

Establish your own routine

In replacement of full timetables, it is important to establish your own routine to maintain structure in your weeks.

(minus Pryzm Mondays, Skint Tuesdays, Crisis, Shapes and Ocean Fridays… what else held your week together?)

Without it, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with deadlines or feel disassociated with your degree.  

Set targets and achievable goals

The first easy step for effective time management is to break your week up into tasks, set targets and achievable goals and DON’T be too harsh on yourself! If you need to give yourself a day off to recharge and get your thoughts together that is more than OK!

Freshers: join a society and get to know your personal tutors

It may be tricky to mingle amongst your course in lectures, especially if your groups of six in halls aren’t pulling through. At online freshers’ events find your course society, all of which are looking into socially distanced (of course) socials to meet people, and they will be doing everything they can do ensure you still have a sociable year! 

Another huge necessity from the outset is to make sure you know your personal tutors if you don’t already, they’re an excellent port of call and it is literally their job to make sure you’re doing okay, use them! 

Find a good working environment

Ensure you have a comfortable and ample study environment to do your work in, depending on where you work best.

Given the restrictions on libraries (we miss you George Green) it is even more important to have a space where you can be productive. For some, this may be your bedroom, or if you’re someone who needs to get out of the houseperhaps a café, Portland and Avo café in Lenton are some personal favourites. 

Eat well and exercise

Given the loss of routine and normality it is even more important to have three balanced (in moderation) meals a day and be kind to your body, it needs it! Keeping your body healthy is a one-way ticket to stop feeling lethargic and start being productive (go get that 2:1).

Try to get out for some fresh air and exercise, even if it’s not a two-hour gym session at the fully booked David Ross (we won’t miss seeing UNRUC bench-pressing 140kg). We are so lucky to have Wollaton Park right on our doorstep or even a walk around leafy campus is so important, especially when we’re not getting out as much as we should be.  

Keep screen time to a minimum

And most importantly, screen time!

Whether you’re a tik-tokker, Instagrammer or vlogger it is so important to spend time in the real world and away from our phones and laptops, especially when it is our only tie to university for now. 

Be kind to yourself

Remember to give yourself time to refresh and recharge and do things you genuinely enjoy, seeing your friends, sports and of course: Mooch.

Try not to compare yourself to others around you and what people show you on social media, we are all human and you’re smashing university in the middle of a pandemic!