Crisis Sit-Down Sessions: Is It Worth It?

All you need to know about the new sit-down Crisis Sessions, before we get locked up again.

In its 10th epic year, amidst the current global pandemic, Crisis have transformed their notorious Wednesday nights into sit-down ‘sessions’. Rock City is welcoming Nottingham’s freshers and returning students alike to a new seated and table-serviced night. But is it worth it?

On arrival, the night is like any other – making friends with the ever-so-eager freshers in the queue and prepping the one person in your six man group who pre-d that little bit too hard to ensure they actually make it through the big doors. The bouncers wore masks when checking tickets and IDs and hand sanitiser was scattered around but other than that, no social distancing measures were maintained outside of the venue at all. Masks were not compulsory in any parts of the evening but a test and trace form was distributed before we got there.

Walking in, tables were spaced two metres apart, with the classic Crisis bangers filling the otherwise vacant venue. Hearing DJ Khaled’s familiar bellow on the dancefloor was bittersweet without the screaming and sweaty masses echoing his lyrics. Once all the tables were filled and the drinks ordered, the night was plain good fun.

It is guaranteed that you have, and probably never will again, seen the Rock City toilets this clean. The girl’s bathroom was eerie without the flurry of tears and strangers powdering each other’s faces. Actually having space to see yourself in the mirror was a pleasant surprise, although I do dearly miss the days of telling a girl I’ve just met to dump her boyfriend.

It must be said, not having to elbow your way to the bar and shout five people back to ask your mate if it was a single or a double they wanted was welcomed last night with the new ordering system being very simple. Following suit of most other places in this climate, you order through the QR code supplied app and a masked-up waiter promptly brings it to your table. Saying that, Crisis night without Crisis prices was a small blow for the six of us with a double vodka and coke coming in at £5 and shots of Sambuca and the like for £3. A hefty pres is recommended.

The staff were assiduous when it came to standing up and moving around; you are required to remain seated throughout the evening except going to the toilet (obviously). Gone are the days of going walkabouts, losing your friends and scouring the dancefloor from the balcony. Two separate tables near us, made up of cocky freshers, were rather forcefully kicked out for not complying. Not much gets past the Rock City bouncers as you are probably aware, and this rule was no exception.

All in all, the sit-down sessions are a bit of fun and as good as they can be given the guidelines. With news of a 10pm curfew being implemented from Thursday hitting us half-way through our night and a very possible second lockdown on the horizon, make the most of the Crisis sessions whilst Boris still gives us the green light.  I reckon it will be the closest thing we get to an actual club night for a while to come.

Crisis, we miss you dearly.