The best six person drinking games for a socially distanced freshers

Boris can’t stop you having fun (responsibly)

Let the drinking games begin!

Corona virus may have stopped our nights out and house parties but it will never stop us drinking, even if it is only in a group of six people. And to make drinking even better who doesn’t love a good drinking game or two? So here’s some of the most popular drinking games for a six person group, as inline with the current government guidelines.

Beer Pong

First up is the classic game ‘Beer Pong’, where you most likely win the game down to luck rather than having good aim after a few drinks. All you need is a table, plastic cups set in a pyramid shape at both ends of the table (a pyramid usually consists of 10 cups but you can have as many or as few as you want), any variety of alcohol you want and a ping pong ball. Fill the cups with alcohol, get into two teams of three people and then the game begins. To play, each team takes it in turns trying to throw the ping pong ball into their opponents cups so your opponent has to drink the contents of the cup the ball landed in and this keeps going until one team has no cups left. How hard can it be right?

Vodka Roulette

This game is simple but lethal! It requires a minimum of only two people and in our current climate, a maximum of six. The players fill an equal amount of shot glasses (reusable ones please, you can still be environmentally friendly whilst drunk!) with either water or vodka. The players then pick shots at random unknowing of wether it is vodka or water and whilst drinking it pull a poker face and then convince their fellow players that they drank water, wether they did or not. We’re not sure whose more unlucky in this game, the people sobering up via water shots or those downing straight vodka.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is the best way to get to know each other during freshers week, or even reveal those secrets that probably should’ve stayed secret. The hardest part of the game is to actually think of questions to ask. Whether you’ve only just met or known each other for a while, you sometimes learn a little more about someone than you expected, which is all part of the fun. Just grab your favourite drink and take a sip, or however much you like, and reveal as much as you dare to. But remember, sometimes honesty is not always the best policy.

Personalised Drinking Board Game

This homemade drunk board game by Hizzymomma went viral on TikTok amassing over 10 million views. The rules are simple, watch the above TikTok for guidance, and the best part about it is that it can be personalised to your six man friendship group. You can bond with your new housemates making the board during the day then become besties whilst using the board at pres in the evening.

Ring of Fire / King’s Cup

And finally, you can’t forget about Ring of Fire or as our friends down under like to call it, King’s Cup. Now it’s time to get out the playing cards. To play, spread a pack of cards in a circle around a glass then as you go around you group of six people, each person picks a card and follows the rule that accompanies the card, whilst hoping its not that fourth and final king!

The rules:

Ace – Waterfall, everyone keeps drinking until the person before them stops
2 – You, choose someone to drink
3 – Me, you have to drink
4 – ‘Whores’ for the sake of the rhyme or as we like to call it: Ladies, all girls drink
5 – Thumb Master, whoever picks the card puts their thumb on the table (or floor) at any time they want and the last to follow must drink. You stay as thumb master until someone else picks a 5
6 – ‘Dicks’, all guys drink
7 – Heaven, point your finger to the sky and whoever is last to follow must drink
8 – Mate, choose someone to drink with you. They are then your drinking buddy so every time you drink, they also have to drink.
9 – Rhyme, pick a word then each person has to come up with a word to rhyme with it, keep going round the circle until someone messes up so they have to drink
10 – Categories, pick a word then go round the circle and each person has to say a word that fits that category, once again whoever messes up drinks
Jack – New Rule, you make a rule and if you disobey the rule, you drink
Queen – Questions, go round the circle asking questions, the first person to not answer the question with another question must drink
King – Cup, pour a bit (or a lot) of your drink into the glass in the middle and whoever picks up the last King has to drink the whole cup!

Ultimately, almost anything can be turned into a drinking game, why not try drunk Cards Against Humanity or Monopoly. After all, whoever said that drinking games in a socially distanced group of six isn’t fun, as long as no one ends up in A&E!

Have fun and stay safe!