Notts Trent bans sex between lecturers and students

Only six out of the 130 universities in England ban sexual relationships between staff and their students

Nottingham Trent University become one of six universities in the country to ban sex between lecturers and students.

Lancaster, Leeds, the University of Greenwich, the University of Roehampton, UCL and Nottingham Trent are the only universities to have put an explicit ban in place.

This follows from a survey that discovered only one in 20 universities forbids a sexual relationship between lecturers and students.

Nottingham Trent University’s Arkwright Building

Nottingham Trent University’s Staff and Student Personal Relationships Policy states:

“The University’s starting position is that members of staff should not enter into a Personal Relationship that is sexual and/or romantic in nature with a student. This is because such a relationship could compromise, or be perceived to compromise, the requirement for trust and confidence and professionalism which underpins the learning experience for students.”

“This action is intended to protect both parties and the University.”

“Failure to disclose a Personal Relationship between a member of staff and a student and/or failure to comply with action deemed by the Relevant Authority as appropriate to deal with such a situation may result in disciplinary action being taken against the member of staff concerned.”

“In the event that the relationship breaks down, parties are expected to fulfil their duties and roles, whether staff or student, and maintain appropriate standards of professional conduct and behaviour.”

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