Notts student fined £10k for house party writes grovelling apology to neighbours

‘It got out of hand and we are really sorry’

The student who was issued a £10,000 fixed penalty notice after hosting an illegal house party in Lenton has apologised in a grovelling letter to neighbours.

After claiming that it was meant to be a “small” garden party with 25 people, neighbours soon grew angry when 50 people turned up and were left with no option other than to report the student party to the Nottinghamshire Police, resulting in a hefty fine.

The student has now apologised for a “major lapse of judgement” and has since written to the neighbours on Harlaxton Drive explaining how quickly “the party got out of hand”, through little fault of their own.

The letter reads: “With two housemates turning 21 recently, we were hoping to have a celebration that stayed within the guidelines of the current covid-19 regulations, however it quickly became out of hand as more than the initial 25 invited friends arrived at our house.

“It was never our intention to disrupt your evening. It was a major lapse of judgement on our end given both the disturbance we caused as well as the current pandemic that is taking a toll on our society.”

In addition to the letter, one of the students spoke to NottinghamshireLive on Saturday and apologised profusely, stating: “It was meant to be a small gathering with mates and it got out of hand.

“We had invited 25 people and it was out in the garden and aimed to end at 11pm and we were trying to social distance but then people invited their mates and so on.

“It got out of hand and we are really sorry.”

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