Red pill or Blue pill? What is the fate of Notts’ beloved Ocean?

To Ocean or not to Ocean? That is the question

Many businesses in Notts were forced to close their doors in March due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and many will never open those doors again. But will this be the case for Nottingham’s beloved nightclub, Ocean?

The home of Trent’s official student night, Ocean Wednesdays and popular with the students of UoN on a Friday, the club is a sell out every week.

‘King of Ocean’, Andy Hoe took to Instagram last week seeking for our advice.

‘Ok I need your help. I have a HUGE decision to make.To Ocean or not to Ocean?
That is the question.’

‘I know to the naked Instagram eye it looks like all is fine and dandy….
But the reality is that behind the brave face….😁
There is a business that has lost a HUGE amount of money since March.
And the future is VERY much uncertain….
As in I have literally no idea. 🤯’

‘We’re pretty much going to be last in line to reopen.
Boris is trialling reopening everything except Nightclubs and ‘Sexual Entertainment’ venues so far.
(No idea why he’s lumped us in with them! 😂)

‘There’s no date as yet for the big comeback.’

‘Which is where/why I have the dilemma….
I’m currently renegotiating my lease on the building.
I can take the red pill and walk away in September….Thanks to a handy get out of jail free clause… 
Or I can take the blue pill and try and ride it out until normality resumes.
Obviously I’m trying to make any renegotiated deal as CoVid proof as possible….and taking the gamble is very much what I want to do.’

‘But I’d like to know your thoughts on the matter….
I’m going to post a few questions on IG story shortly.
Please be honest with your answers.
For the cynics who may be out there, (yes I know there’s a few) 
This isn’t me asking for a sympathy vote, or playing hard done to.
I’ve worked hard and business has been good for 12 years.
This is me being a sensible business owner, and trying to gauge the opinion of my customers.
Because lets face it without the customers there is no business.
#OceanLove ❤️’

Andy asked the following to Oceans’ regulars on Instagram and here is what they said:

When we are allowed to reopen, will you be waiting until there is a vaccine until you come back?

No = 72%

Yes = 28%

What if we have to restrict capacity… have less people in?

Yes = 81%

No = 19%

We have no choice but to only accept card payments, is that okay?

Yes = 98%

No = 2%

Would you come if, before we can open ‘properly’ , we open with tables, at limited capacity?

Yes = 76%

No = 24%

Ocean isn’t the only club in Nottingham that is struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Carpe Noctum, the company behind Crisis told The Nottingham Tab that the effects of the outbreak have been “utterly devastating” for their business.

The city have already said their goodbyes to Propaganda, Notts’ last LGBT+ club as they had to permanently close as they found themselves with “no other option”.

In all truth Ocean, Notts wouldn’t be the same without you.