Nottingham to become the first University in the UK to introduce ‘quieter halls’

Lincoln Hall will have alcohol free study and social areas plus designated quiet areas

This year’s freshers can now choose Lincoln Hall as an option for a ‘quieter hall’. Nottingham will be trialling a new option for students applying for catered accommodation in 2020. 

Students that apply for quieter halls must be ‘happy to support the expectation that after 9pm, no avoidable noise or music should be heard in adjacent corridors or rooms’. The aim is to help student experience and wellbeing at the University.

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The University of Nottingham is the first university in the UK to receive the ‘Quieter Halls Badge’. It means that the hall has met certain criteria, like 24/7 contact for instances of noise disturbance, and alcohol-free areas. 

Freshers week, and big nights out are often seen as part of the UK University culture. Now, Nottingham is offering an alternative option. 

To some, Wednesday and Friday nights aren’t a big deal. They want a goodnight’s sleep and a normal schedule. Especially if sport and academic work are in the mix. For those that won’t be looking for a wild, messy night, the University are finally providing an option for them to come together.

If ‘quieter halls’ isn’t what you are after, then don’t worry – you won’t accidentally end up in a quieter hall. Applicants who do not request quiet accommodation will not be assigned to it. 

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