Notts student raises over £2500 in less than a week baking BLM-themed cakes

“For me the success of this fundraiser mean that people are keen to make a difference”

A UoN student has raised over £2500 in less than a week by baking BLM-themed cakes

Second year Medicine student, Rachel Ayo Ogunleye has created the BAKE4CHANGE campaign, which aims to raise money for Race on the Agenda.

With the growing momentum surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, more and more people across the world are starting to pay attention to the inequalities that black communities face.

Race On The Agenda is a charity based in England which targets policy and legalisation affecting Britain’s BAME communities.

Rachel chose this charity because she believes that ‘it is important now more than ever for the government to realise that more legislation which protects and serves the best interests of my community need to be passed.’

‘I have never been blind to the issue of racism and my awareness of it has only increased as I have got older, when the tragedy of George Floyd happened, I felt helpless.’

After consulting with friends who had similar feelings, Rachel was inspired to start BAKE4CHANGE, and she couldn’t have imagined the way it would grow so quickly.

Rachel and her fundraisers have succeeded her target of £500 by raising over £2,500 in just 6 days.

On top of raising money for her charity, Rachel has inspired over 30 people to get involved with the baking challenge.

It costs just £10 to enter Rachel’s campaign but there are no limits to the amount you can donate.

When asked what Rachel hoped to achieve with the fundraiser she said she hoped it would give people who were ‘keen to make a difference’ the platform to do so.

You can still get involved in the challenge, by following the following link: