Over a thousand gather in Nottingham in support of #BlackLivesMatter

The Notts Tab reports live from Forest Recreation Ground

Individuals from all around Nottinghamshire are gathering at Forest Recreation Ground on Sunday, 7 June in support of #BlackLivesMatter.

The organisation of this peaceful protest comes in the wake of the death of George Floyd and protests across all 50 states in America against police brutality and racism, as well as in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield.

The peaceful protest began at 12PM and the turnout has grown fast since then.

The Nottingham Tab, reporting live from the peaceful protest, estimates that over a thousand people are in attendance, with people from all over Nottingham turning up and showing solidarity for the extremely important cause.

Social distancing is being maintained.

Social distancing is being maintained. The organisers are reminding people to stay socially distanced through their sound system, with two announcements so far as of 1PM.

PPE, such as gloves and masks, are being handed out by approximately 10 different people to make sure attendees are well protected and safe.

“Is it because I’m black?”

Visitors are able to print their own BLM t-shirts on site with local print studio Dizzy Ink, from 12:30-2PM. All payments will be donation-based and all profits are to go to the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund.

Meanwhile, performances from speakers and poets are to continue until 1:15PM. This shall be followed by a community discussion until 1:45PM. The event will finish at 2PM after eight minutes of silence to remember George Floyd.

“Equality is not too much to ask for.”

The following are quotes from speakers:

“We’re here today to show our support and solidarity. As a black woman, and as a human being, I am angry and heartbroken and it’s time to put a stop to this.”

“Your community is your family. When you apply pressure, change happens. So we need to apply pressure. Let’s hope we the last generation who has to fight this fight.”

“The only real revolution happens right inside of you.”

“We need to educate ourselves on black history and put an end to systematic racism world wide.”

“If you shake things up, bubbles start to rise. Today, we are the bubbles. You guys are the generation that can make an impact.”

In the moments between performances, the peaceful protesters chant. “George Floyd”; “Black Lives Matter”; “No justice, no peace”; “Enough is enough.”

Further imagery from the peaceful protest.

The protest, where peace was maintained throughout, finished this afternoon with a powerful eight minute silence, whereby protesters all took a knee and remembered the lives lost at the hands of police brutality.

Protesters taking a knee for the eight minutes silence

To find out more about #BlackLivesMatter or for other ways to help, click here.