Trent student says Ink blackface photo is her ‘biggest regret’ and is from ‘years ago’

‘I was young, dumb, incredibly naïve and extremely uneducated on the severity of the matter’

The Nottingham Trent student who was pictured in a charcoal face mask saying that she “might wear this to ink next time for rnb floor” has apologised for her actions.

The student said it was her “biggest regret”, and that the picture is from “a small private group chat” a “few years ago”.

Nottingham Trent say it is investigating the picture, but did not provide an update today.

The student told The Nottingham Tab: “I am so disgusted in myself that I am even having to write something like this. I can only apologise to everyone I have offended.

“I want to tell you how wrong I know that message is; it is my biggest regret that I ever took that picture – it was a few years ago and I have learnt from my mistake.

“I never wanted anyone else to have to see this mistake, it was not posted for the world to see in a malicious way or targeted as an attack towards any person or group – but only as an ignorant moment of stupidity within a small private group chat – this is still no excuse for the content and I am so very embarrassed.

“At the time I was told it was wrong, learnt from it and I regret it so much. I am so deeply sorry to you all. At this time all I can do is apologise and try and salvage any hurt I have caused. I can’t begin to explain how much learning I have done since then.

“I respect the black community immensely and am by no means a ‘racist’ or condone any racist/offensive behaviour.

“For people that know me, they know that I am extremely kind and caring and would never ever wish to hurt or insult anyone. My boyfriend, friends and family can only attest to my character. I am embarrassed and ashamed at the mistake that I once made and haven’t since, nor will ever make again.

“I am in no way excusing the message; I have no justification whatsoever, I know how wrong it was on so many levels! Although it was a few years ago, I could not even tell you my thought process during the time.

“I was young, dumb, incredibly naïve and extremely uneducated on the severity of the matter and didn’t comprehend the specific meanings behind the content.

“I want you to know that I have taken responsibility for my actions and these past few days have been a time of reflection and facing everything head on.

“I am happy to apologise further to anyone who I have offended.

“I am so deeply sorry and I can only ask that you hear my apology and know that I am not the person that the awful message portrays. And I will try to do whatever I can to stop the hurt I have caused.

“For my own mental health, I am coming off all social platforms.”

Nottingham Trent University has confirmed that the investigation is ongoing and has no comment at this stage.