The reason for this heatwave? Lenton’s Fittest Student round two, obviously

please apply sunscreen before viewing these contestants

The sun’s out and if you thought it couldn’t possibly get any hotter wait until you see what the next round of Lenton’s Fittest Student has in store. Our readers completely outdid themselves in the first round, amassing over 14k hits in total across all candidates. Let’s see if round two can do even better.

As in the last round, the top two candidates with the most votes from this round will go into the final. Get voting!!

More pictures of the contestants can be found at The Tab Nottingham’s instagram!

Angus Eaton, UoN, 2nd year Economics

Angus worked full time as a model on his gap year before going part-time to attend university as well. He has worked for the likes of Robert Cavelli and Polo Ralph Lauren (first photo). 

Instagram: @anguseaton

Best chat up line?
Hi I’m 6ft 5

Who’s your idol?
Robert Pattinson

What are you missing the most about Notts during lockdown?
I’d be lying if I didn’t say Crisis

Why should you win?
I need something for my CV or the chances of a grad scheme are next to zero

Iman Osman, UoN, 2nd year Politics

Instagram: @imanosmn

Best chat up line?
‘Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past again?’ – It must’ve worked as I’ve got a boyfriend

Who’s your idol?
I’m my own idol

Favourite quarantine activity?
Sleep, eat, repeat

Why should you win?
Honestly, I haven’t got anything else going for me

Nick Holden, UoN, 2nd year Biology

lenton's fittest student

Nick has gone Tik Tok viral amassing 1.2 million views on his video documenting him raising a duckling in Newark Hall.

Instagram: @chickennick

Perfect date?
Watching the polo with pimms and a picnic 👌

Most embarrassing thing done on a night out?
Being rejected by someone and locking myself in a staff room to cry

Who’s your idol?
Gemma Collins

Why should you win?
Honestly if I gain a Tik Tok follower that’ll be enough

Sandeep Chowdhury, UoN, 3rd year Medicine

Instagram: @awkspenguin

Favourite quarantine activity?
I thought studying medicine would have been the proudest moment of my mum’s life but apparently it’s learning to make a naan bread

What are you missing the most about Notts during lockdown?
A fresh trim. I haven’t given into my mum whipping out the scissors and a bowl …yet

Why should you win?
I’ve accepted I’ll never be a gymshark athlete but winning this will basically be the same

Connie Sharp, UoN, 2nd year Architecture and Environmental Design

Instagram: @_connie__sharp

Best chat up line?
I’m a sucker for a good chat up line. Oldie but goldie: ‘Get your coat. You’ve pulled’

Who’s your idol?
Judge Judy

Favourite quarantine activity?
Recreating food hacks from TikTok at obscene hours

What are you missing the most about Notts during lockdown?
Waking up to 20 chicken nuggets in the morning

Why should you win?
‘Because you’re attractive in the mind and the body’


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