Stealth has released its very own Minecraft club map so you can party online

Did someone say mega rave on Minecraft?

Stealth has provided our lockdown with the opportunity to continue our favourite night out from the comfort of our own homes – by creating a Minecraft map of the infamous venue.

Now some may be somewhat sceptical at this point, wondering how on Earth they could have possibly pulled this off. But to be honest, they did quite a good job. From the intricately designed dance floor, to the orange lit smoking area, this map screams Stealth.

Stealth announced that: “Seeing as you guys can’t come to the club, and we’ve all got a bit more time on our hands – we’ve tried to bring the club to you, on Minecraft!” Legends.

They posted a clip on YouTube of the virtual club tour, yet to be honest this sight might be unrecognisable to many who have never seen this venue with less than a few hundred sweaty people crowding them into a corner.  Accompanied by the hypnotic-trancing techno track, the clip provides an uncanny nostalgia.

The Entrance

The detail of these barriers is a familiar sight to some – awaiting with eagerness to begin the sloshiest night of the week. Often seeking refuge from the rain, once you’ve made it this far, spirits are high and so are the people around you.

The Dancefloor

To be honest, I didn’t even know the dancefloor looked like this. Great view of the DJ booth, access to the bar, room to dance – there’s a first time for everything!

A direct line to the toilets is also unheard of. Many party-goers will find themselves completing four laps of the dance floor, before the toilets magically reveal themselves behind the crowds of people.

Smoking Area

The effort to re-create the smoking area is truly remarkable. Arguably the best part of Stealth, the smoking area provides only the best. The wooden chairs accompanied by the subtle art of decoration certainly doesn’t go amiss here.

Despite the appreciated effort, some took to Facebook to offer further tips for the virtual club.


All-in-all a good effort which only goes to make quarantine that much better.